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In addition to IRC (and slack, via IRC), I’ve been using Discord for communication for a while now and besides some general oddities in UX, especially in the Android app, it works quite well. Thus, I thought we all might as well gather in a server about Sublime Text for all kinds of discussion or support queries. I know there are a lot of places already (this forum, IRC, reddit, SO), but they are all kind of different in the end.

Follow this link:

If you don’t know what Discord is, well, try a search engine.


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@kingkeith, @OdatNurd and myself have had some nice chats on it already. I imagine it might be interesting for both package developers and users looking for help.

If you seek help, please use the #support channel.

(There is also still IRC, of course.)



Just a quick note that I will occasionally remove people from the server who have not been online for 30 days. You are always free to rejoin the server with the above link. This is just to keep the user list clean.



Maybe better use HipChat or Gitter, because rooms in this services сonvenient for programmers?




Thanks for the suggestions. We debated on the alternatives a little.

  • HipChat doesn’t appear to be something that we can profit from compared to Discord.
  • Gitter has good integrations with Github. We also have integrations in our Discord server, but they aren’t neatly arranged in a sidebar. Unread message management is better on Gitter, however we don’t currently have activity that would make this a requirement. It does not have a dark mode though, which is sad and I personally like the compact IRC-esque layout. A plus for Gitter is that it does provide an IRC tunnel, but I don’t see many people besides me using it because you do lose out on some comfort.

Thus, we do not see a reason (or need) to change our communication platform.


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