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πŸŽ‰ Announcing the Sublime Text Community Documentation


Many of you may have known and/or used the Unofficial Documentation that was hosted on Unfortunately, the site, along with the host, has gone offline at the end of last year without a way of contacting the admin of the site.

However, I am here to announce a reboot of the site with different technology and under the new name of The Community Documentation.

:tada: :tada:

With the help of @TheSecEng, I

  • have forked the old repository,
  • translated the documents to Markdown,
  • moved the site to be built using Vuepress instead of Sphinx with an entirely new look and more theming options,
  • have updated the general structure of the site,
  • and updated some very outdated pages, especially the introduction pages.

If you’re looking to read something entirely new, you may want to check out a guide on Input Handlers that I just released.

We (or I) still have many things planned to add to the site. Visit our issue tracker for details.

Don’t hesitate to shoot any sort of feedback into our direction, either in this thread, on the repository, or on the ST Discord, where we have a separate channel for this project.
I hope you’re as excited about this as I am.



Looks great! Thanks a lot for your efforts.
And also great to have the ability to propose edits via GitHub PRs.



This has been possible before when we hosted using readthedocs as well, but now we have working continuous delivery.