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[Solved] Need help to add my new package to PackageControl


I just released Yet Another Launcher - a plugin that is an easy launcher for local files, directories or urls.

I am new to programming and to github and still try to figuring out how to add it to PackageControl.

Currently I don’t understand step 6 of Submitting a package.

Can somebody please point me to right steps further.



Ok, here’s what you do:

  • fork
  • in your fork open y.json
  • at line 143 you find an entry for YetAnotherCodeSearch
  • duplicate that, I think yours goes before this one alphabetically
  • change the name, details and labels to fit your package
  • for everything else this is actually a pretty good example so you’re done here
  • commit the changes to your fork and push
  • open a pull request (github should already present you with a button to do so)
  • wait for test results and then for someone to review and merge your pr

Edit: if you need help with any of these steps let me know.

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Thanks for the quick reply @braver.

I hope I did everything right. My pull request ( is up. :slight_smile:



Just got an error, @braver:

Processing package "Yet Another Launcher"
  - ERROR: No valid semver tags found at for the package "Yet Another Launcher".

What I have to do now?



You manage what is released to end users by tagging particular versions/commits in your repo. So, go to and click the “Draft a new release” button. “Semver”* tags have a name like “1.0.0”, so if you create a new release in GitHub like this, PackageControl will distribute this particular version.

If you make your package more awesome later on, you draft a new release (like 1.1.0) and that will distribute it to end users.

*) Semver, or semantic versioning, is a standardised way to numbering versions. It’s interesting to read up about if you’re new to the concept, but for ST plugins it’s not particularly important. Going from 1.0.0 to 2.0.0 would indicate a bigger change than going to 1.0.1, but all of this is mostly invisible for package end users anyway.

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Thanks again @braver. I am still learning. It’s my first programming and github project.

I created a release with the tag v0.1 now. How do I proceed with the pull request?

Is there a way for me to tell the packagecontrol-bot to run again and check now if everything is okay with my pull request?



Those that manage the package control channel repository will have to run it again. I think there’s about a 24 hour delay where it’ll try again and hopefully give you a clean bill of health. The automatic checker bot will do a report then the pull request has to be approved for merger. Congrats on your first package!

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Not sure it’ll accept that though, I think it really needs to be MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, so 0.0.1 or 0.1.0 etc.



You need to create a tag 1.0.0 or optional with prefix v1.0.0 You may also be interested in joining the discord server, because especially questions like this are easier to discuss there



Okay, I updated the tag to v1.0.0. Will see if that works. I also joined discord. :slight_smile:

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@braver and @r-stein:

I just released a new version v1.0.1. Will that show up on PackageControl automatically or do I have to do something again?



As long as you tagged a new release (looks like you did from what I can see) it will update automatically and transparently.

If you look on the page for your package you can see an item on the left that says Last Seen. There’s a process that crawls all of the available packages, and that says when the last time was that the crawl happened. Once it gets around the list and back to you again, you should see it saying version 1.0.1.



Thanks Odat. I hoped that it will work automatically. :slight_smile: