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Sublime Text 4 Update FAQ



We’re excited to bring you the latest update to Sublime Text. I’ve compiled a list of common questions asked over the last few days to hopefully help people get used to some of the changes. If you require any help or have further questions, feel free to ask on the forums.

I was surprised by the update!

Sorry about that, it’s clear that we have some work to do on the update dialog.
We plan on including the changelog and version number in the update dialog in
the future.

How do I downgrade to ST3?

The Sublime Text 3 builds are all still available to download from here: Sublime Text 4 does not change your configs or
plugins, so you can freely downgrade and it will keep all your data and license.

If you have a license you can also disable update checks using the setting
"update_check": false.

Do I need to upgrade my license?

The license terms have changed with the release of Sublime Text 4. If you have
purchased any Sublime Text license within the last 3 years then this update is
still part of that purchase.

Sublime Text license keys are no longer tied to a single major version, instead they are now valid for all updates within 3 years of purchase. After that, you will still have full access to every version of Sublime Text released within the 3 year window, but newer builds will required a license upgrade. These are the same license terms we use for Sublime Merge, and they allow us to deliver more frequent and exciting updates as soon as they’re ready, without having to roll them into a new major version.

Sales FAQ:

The title bar and menu changed, how do I get the old one back?

You can disable the themed title bar using the "themed_title_bar": false setting.

If you’re on Linux using GNOME you can also disable client-side window decorations using the setting "gtk_client_side_window_decorations": false.

My cursor isn’t blinking, how do I make it blink?

A blinking cursor can have a significant effect on battery life, as such we decided to change the default to non-blinking. You can change this to whatever your preference is using the "caret_style" setting. Sublime Text 3 used the setting "caret_style": "smooth".


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How to I remove the last update?
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After recent update I see LICENSE UPGRADE REQUIRED
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