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ST3 Freezing up on anyone else?


I have never had this issue until today.

For the past several attempts today. I add a line of code. hit save. and once I hit tab everything freezes up. Gives me the spinning rainbow circle, until I force quit the app.

It was happening on my machine, and I thought to maybe update all the available Xcode and OS udpates today, so I did, but it is still happening.

Anyone else?

I am using a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13inch, Late 2013)
processor 2.4GHz Intel Core i5
OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.2




Anyone else?


No freezes for me, rather some crashes (on Ubuntu 32 bits).

When you force it to quit, may be it writes a memory dump. It does when it crash, then you cant sent a crash report with the crash_reporter application, which is in the same directory as Sublime Text executable. I don’t know for Mac, can just say on Ubuntu, these memory dump files goes to /tmp/. Ex: /tmp/2b225286-0cb7-25a9-3a215689-3c16e144.dmp. Note the *.dmp file extension, this may help to find it.



I have been experiencing the same problem with tab freezing ST3. Same thing force quit and send crash report. Mac automatically creates crash report, so just send it in. I am still looking for a fix or any info on this. My post was few days ago but it would seem no one else is experiencing this or they don’t know about any fixes.

I am using a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15inch, Late 2013)
2.6 GHz Intel Core i7
OS X Mavericks (too lazy to update)



Obviously I cannot say for sure with so little info, but I would suggest you check your installed plugins. If disabling all plugins fixes the issue, it is very likely that one of your installed plugins is causing issues.



It freezes on me, maybe once or twice a day, it’d be nice if I could figure out what it was doing when it froze. 3099 on Kubuntu 1404 .



Its been freezing for me in the last few days. It seems the plugin_host process running php (phpcs I think) is the culprit. I’m running php7.0 which may be it, I don’t think so though.

… actually come to think about it - it hasn’t crashed on my at all today… I think I restarted my MBP last night so that could’ve fixed something…?



constantly freezing on me every few seconds or so. ive noticed it for the past few versions of st3, cant say for sure when it started because i thought i had a problem with my laptop but got that fixed and the issue is still here.

glad to know im not the only one experiencing this :slight_smile:



Try to find a way to repro your problem. I know requires time… If possible also check packages, maybe (and most probably [most of the time]) is a package causing the problem…

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I restarted it and my computer, weird thing is this happened constantly when I posted this comment, and then kind of just stopped happening.

Problem solved, but also weird to not have a 100% clear idea on what was going on.




problem not solved, i have been experiencing this issue for the past few released versions. i do not have any packages installed other than the ones that come with st3.



OH sorry, Mark4. Just meant it had stopped for me! This issue will remain live here, I am sure. Have you still been experiencing crashing?



Hello all,

I’m having the same crash with the spinning wheel, but it’s on launching Sublime Text 3. The freeze occurs when the latest build message (3103) appears. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled ST3 and restarted my system several times, but it keeps freezing. I have the full error report, but it’s a bit long to post here.

Up to now, ST3 is my primary editor and IDE. I’d love to see a fix. Thanks!



I’m having the same freezing problem on Ubuntu 64bit. I downloaded the evaluation version and was considering to register the software, but this constant freezing is a show stopper for me. Looks like a process called plugin_host is consuming 100% of cpu time.



I think the same happens to me, but only while using one specific plugin SideBarEnhancement…
so far i noticed, and only if operations on the folders are done that involve a refresh of the folder diplay, for ex 4-5 items removed,
created an issue on the plugin developers github, so far no respons…
https ://

also created a topic in hopes of getting more help investigating the problem:
https :// Sublime_text 3 freezing if a large project is loaded

Issue can be reproduced, using Ubuntu15.10 and Subl 3103 or the new B3111



I think i might have a solution… check out the conclusion on this thread:



Sublime Text 3 was freezing at me right off the bat, no matter how many times I tried removing it and installing it over again. I uninstalled Wamp (Apache, MySQL, PHP) and Git - same problem. Then I tried installing Sublime Text 3 32-bit (x86), and IT WORKED. Apparently it was a x64 problem for me. Now Sublime and everything else are running just fine. I hope this helps someone else!



Had freezing problem in sublime text 3 on its startup in Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04. Removing of ~/.config/sublime-text3 directory with all contents fixed the issue. So looks like the problem was in some plugin.



There was an issue between the built in JavaScript syntax and the third-party MarkdownEditing package when viewing or indexing some markdown files. Dev build 3125 added a workaround for this and added some functionality for inspecting the indexer.

Edit: Beta 3126 is out also.



Probably you are right. Mr. prubini87
I´m still doing some tests, but it seems that the 32bit version is work fine now on win10 64bit.
i will come back late on after some other tests done.



I still have the issue and I’ve already removed the MarkdownEditing plugin.
Lately the main process of the sublime (subl) take 100% of a core and the GUI becomes unresponsive.
After a while, 1 to 5 minutes, all return normal until the next freeze.

Fedora 25, Sublime Text 3 3125 Dev.

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