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Sublime_text 3 freezing if a large project is loaded


Running on Ubuntu 15.10 subl Build 3111, and (originally tried Build 3103)
I am using Sublime_text3 on a very large project with lots of folders.
In case I delete more then 1 folder, or 1 folder with let’s say 4 files, that are displayed, then the entire program freezes.

This issue is very easily reproducible,
How can I debug where the execution hangs. It seems to get in an infinite loop or something…

I noticed now, that it occurs usually if i add/remove files ending in .c , .h …

EDIT, double checked the above and i created one folder then copied 3 files, *.txt, *.bat, *.sh
The folder creation worked, but at the phase of copy - pasting the 3 files, new 3 empty lines had been inserted under the directory and the program froze

EDIT: the copy operation was successful, 3 files had been copied.
It appears that this is happening right before the new file names should be displayed…
I will do a try using background copy paste operations…

EDIT: this only happens if using SideBarEnhancement plugin operations.
but it is happening after that plugin calls a sublime.

I have managed to follow back the issue it seems that the execution hangs right after the thread of the plugin operation is finished, somehow the gui gets none responsive…

can these 2 commands sometimes generate an infinite stall ??
sublime.set_timeout(lambda:sublime.active_window().run_command(‘refresh_folder_list’), 200);
sublime.set_timeout(lambda:sublime.active_window().run_command(‘refresh_folder_list’), 1300);


ST3 Freezing up on anyone else?
ST3 Freezing up on anyone else?

I have commented these lines:
#sublime.set_timeout(lambda:sublime.active_window().run_command(‘refresh_folder_list’), 200);
#sublime.set_timeout(lambda:sublime.active_window().run_command(‘refresh_folder_list’), 1300);

and now no freezing occure…



An idea of what was happening.
I think the timeout killed that execution because the refresh took more time, and then sublime was hanging somewhere … so pls someone with access to sublime source code check if the above can be true…