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ST3 freezing after hitting tab


Hi I am looking for a help regarding ST3 freezing after hitting tab at a specific point in the file.

It happens every time I get to a same point in a particular file and hit tab. I am writing my first html email. As I understand it, everything has to be in tables and my styles have to be inline. To be able and make some sense of this file I am adding indentation wherever I see it helpful.

This problem occurs only at a specific part of that file. It doesn’t happen anywhere else.
I start with a tag in question and I try to add tab on a new line, right after an opening quotation mark for a value of an attribute (ex: <sometag style=“ followed by “enter” then “tab” and it freezes). Also it happens even if I hit enter, write my code, and then I try and move everything with tab.

Even if my indentation is not semantic, trying to set indentation with tab button is still no reason for this software to freeze. Each time it happens, I have to “force quit”. It always happens within the same place of that tag, right before the last attribute, or its value if, when on a last line.

And if I delete that tag and move the content one level above, or even if I rewrite that part of the content, it follows it. It’s almost as if it’s stuck to that last place.

I did try writing a new file, a number of times. I did try starting a new folder, with a new file. What I do is, I do copy my code to the TextEdit and copy it back to a new file in Sublime Text. Aside from rewriting this file from scratch line by line, are there any suggestions or help anyone could give me?

This doesn’t happen with this file in other editors, like TextEdit, Espresso, or Brackets.

P.S. Sorry if my writing is not really clear, English is my second language so grammar and sentence structure tend to be shity.


ST3 Freezing up on anyone else?

Well, I finished my work in a different editor. Files were fine. If anyone knows why ST3 froze I would still like to know. I realize all software will have some kinks but at least I would like to know more about them if I paid for the software.



Same kind of problem here guys. I was starting a new CSS file, when this happened. Tried with both the CSS and CSS3 syntax, both made ST3 crash. Plain text was ok.

I was editing a dirty line of code (Copied from an HTML inline style parameter).

The problem seems to appear when you hit tab on a line where an unexpected character is present. In this case, a double quote. Like I said, I copied the values from an HTML inline parameters. This was no valid CSS as I did not formatted it in the good syntax yet. The tab made it crash. But I remove the double quote character, it seems to work ok. I successfully triggered this bug multiple time. Here is a quick video.

Hope it helps!



I had same issue, but problem was in package Emmet (css helper), i’ve just disabled this package



I was thinking this sounded like a problem package. Does the same thing happen on a vanilla version of Sublime (no packages installed)?

I get similar slowness because I’m running SublimeLinter with settings that cause the linting to happen more regularly, which can slow down the software, which took some getting used to.



Can confirm @Dzan suggestion; had the same problem and when I uninstalled emmet, worked as expected.