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Dev Build 3125


Dev Build 3125 is out now at

There are two indexing related changes in 3125:

  • There’s now an Indexing Status entry in the Help menu, which will show you exactly what’s going in with the indexer. This will give you the same information that sublime.log_indexing(True) will have shown in the past, but without the hassle.

  • The default number of index workers has been reduced. In the past it was one worker per core, now it’s num_cores/2, unless you have more than 4 cores, in which case it’s num_cores - 1. While this will reduce indexing speed, it should also make it less intrusive. You can still set this explicitly with the index_workers setting.


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Thanks for the menu it’s quite helpful.
Just a question, how do you assign the number of workers when you have several windows ?

indexing [job 1]: spawning 5 workers to process 21 / 21 files
indexing [job 2]: spawning 2 workers to process 1806 / 1806 files

I think it’s a bit weird to use 5 workers for 21 files and only 2 for the 1806 others.
Anyway it was really fast, but it looks like the logic could be improved a little when several windows are opened at once.



Thanks for the update.

For me, when I open a project, the Indexing Status windows shows:

indexing: crawldb not available, indexing abandoned

Is that something that I should be concerned with? I’m still able to use F12 go to definition and Command+P to search anything without any problems, at least with existing projects. I haven’t tried it with a new project.

I have a MacBook Pro, Retina, running OS X 10.11.6



Yeah, the workers are shared between windows in a very simplistic way: if n windows are doing a crawl, then each window gets index_workers / n workers allocated. They will get periodically rebalanced, such that in your example above, if both windows had thousands of files, they’ll eventually end up with 2 each.

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If you’re seeing that error, then I’d expect Goto Definition to only be able to work with the currently open files. It may be that you have a corrupted index, which you can fix by deleting the ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Index/ directory wile Sublime Text is closed.

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Yes, that fixed it. After removing the ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Index/ folder, the Indexing Status window now shows the indexing progress.

Thanks very much for your help!


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Strange, I got the update (thank you!) but I don’t see a new entry in the Help menu? Just Search, Documentation, Twitter, Remove License. Definitely running build 3126 on OS X now.



If you don’t have the Indexing Status entry in the Help menu, then you likely have a loose Main.sublime-menu file overriding the one in the Default package. You can check for this by using the Preferences/Browse Packages menu, and then there should be a directory under there named Default with the offending file in it.



Thanks, that did it!