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I am still a Sublime Text guy!


Hi Everyone!

This message for those people who use or used my packages before.

I had not the best part of my life recently. That’s why I decided to remove all my packages. I know I should have asked the community for the help with maintaining them. But, what’s done is gone.

I have a quest for students!

  1. You are a Sublime Text fan
  2. You are a student
  3. You want a free license

Send me a friend request:


@jps @wbond @fichtefoll @facelessuser @deathaxe @kingkeith @odatnurd @jfcherng



DA UI Is Now a Public Beta. Adaptive, Customizable, Elegant UI Theme and Color Schemes for Sublime Text 3
Boxy (DA UI) theme missing
A File Icon – Sublime file-specific icons for improved visual grepping
Boxy Theme with all 3 addons and DA UI in one place
Cannot find and replace in folder with Boxy
[DEPRECATED] OTTO theme was renamed to BOXY
Boxy – It Was the Most Hackable Theme for Sublime Text 3

I’m sorry to hear about the trials you have gone through, but it is nice to see you here again. I hope that things are starting to look up for you, and we will continue to see you around!

BTW, I don’t recall if you were still involved in the community as Discord started becoming more popular, but quite a number of users, including a good number of active community members hang out on the Discord server at



Thanks man! Will join :wink:



Cool! Glad to see you back.

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I know that feeling. Sometime I feel despair about my life too.

I am a student indeed but I already have ST/SM licenses. :wink:

@wbond I notice that the pinned thread is only visible to non-login user. Is that a mistake or on purpose? I think it’s useful for registered user as well. The link to join Sublime’s discord server is there.

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If you don’t see it at the top, it means you have unpinned it previously. :slight_smile: Pins can be manipulated per user.

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if you go to your Discourse user preferences, Interface “tab”, you probably have “Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom.” ticked (as it is the default) so pins are removed after reading the thread



@wbond Get it. @kingkeith This helps! Thanks.



I haven’t found a way to re-pin a thread though, so I resort to bookmarking them and searching through bookmarks



I just click the pin button on the thread title.

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@ihodev would you like some friend requests even from people which don’t meet the student criteria and aren’t trying to win a license? :wink:
welcome back :slight_smile:



Yeah, ofc, editing the post)))



Sorry to hear about your problems, but glad to hear that you’re back! Friend request dispatched, and also looking forward to hanging out on the Discord as well. :smiley:

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I think I’m already there, there is only the one Sublime Discord channel, right?



Glad to see you back! Sorry to hear about your trials. Sometimes you just have to cut out sources of stress to deal with life, so I get it. With all of that said, I’m glad you came out on the other side.

Welcome back!



Yep, you’re totally there! Possibly twice; you can never have too much Discord! :grin::wink:



:smile: :smile: :smile:



glad you’re back.
also, if you ever decide to continue DA UI, i would gladly pay.
awesome plugin.

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Nope, I decided to create a new one, without dozens of options. Just want to keep it simple. Current theme api is already flexible.



You can try