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Boxy – It Was the Most Hackable Theme for Sublime Text 3


I like this idea and convention :wink:

status_bar_colorful to enable colors.

I propose to name settings the same way as in Bootstrap:

  • status_bar_primary
  • status_bar_success
  • status_bar_info
  • status_bar_warning
  • status_bar_danger

If this will be implemented in PyTest I’ll add those settings to the Boxy Theme.



On darker themes it is hard to see both the selected line and text selections. Is there a way to make it more prominent?



Only via manual customization. See for more details.



I’m changing the line


But nothing changes. What am I doing wrong?



You you forgot to add #, this is hex value of the color + opacity (#<xxxxxx:color><xx:opacity>)



No, I did not, I actually had that, sorry:


This is in the file named “Boxy Monokai.stTheme”. I’m using the boxy monokai theme.



stTheme changes colors of the widgets (output panel, find and replace, command palette), you have to change tmTheme which affects color schemes, you can find it in the schemes folder.



Just started using ST. I am trying to manual customization according to the link above. I am using Boxy Tomorrow theme so I opened Boxy Tomorrow.tmTheme file.

as recommended there, I’d like to set
“caret_extra_width”: 1,

in this case, what exactly text need to be inserted into file and where?




That setting should go in your user preferences, not in the theme file itself.

So you can just select Preferences > Settings from the menu (Sublime Text > Preferences > Settings if you are on a Mac) and add the setting to the right hand pane.

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Hi there!

I love this theme, its a really good job :+1:

I’m using Monokai theme with Orange color scheme. Only 1 thing bothers me: the font color in the sidebar. How can I change that? I was looking for it but couldn’t find it :frowning: My eyes are not the best so I need a little contrast for the text.

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Hello Stefanie!

Thank you for the kind words :wink:

Unfortunately it’s not possible with current approach. You have to tweak it manually:

  1. Unpack theme via PackageResourceViewer.
  2. Open Packages/Boxy Theme/Boxy Monokai.sublime-theme file.
  3. Find something like this:
  // Sidebar Entry
    "class": "sidebar_label",
    "color": [151, 151, 148] // Red, Green, Blue
  1. Tweak color value & save.

P.S. Currently I’m working on a new adaptive theme with better settings management. I hope I’ll finish beta version at the end of July. So keep in touch, your issue will be resolved soon.

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Hi ihodev!

Thanks for the help! Its okay for me to edit this manually, luckily I feel home within these codes :wink: Altough, would be nice to have an option for others as well to edit the font colors, cause as I mentioned before, my eyes prefer a bit contrasted text labels. :slight_smile:



Yes, I know :slight_smile: We all need a first-class customization :innocent:



You can create a file named Boxy {VARIANT}.sublime-theme in your Packages/User/ folder. Inside of that you can add rules to override the default. See for docs about the format. If you search for “label” at you should find the places where text color can be changed.



That’s the best solution :thumbsup: Just forgot about it :nerd:

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I need to add a new section to the Theme docs about this.




Boxy Theme will be deprecated in favor of the DA UI, once it reaches to stable version 1.0.0.

DA UI engine allows you to do a lot more than Boxy settings abuse. However some important features such as bar or alternative icons are missing currently. Some of them will be added later, others – not. Feel free to file your issues and suggestions here.

There will be the last Boxy release, which will contain existing PRs, some fixes to support next version of the A File Icon and the announcement of the DA UI.

Also later this week I’ll release DA CS package which includes dozens of popular color schemes those respects DA UI guidelines, including all Boxy ones. Syntax highlighting have changed and the number of accent colors was reduced to six. But overall they will be a lot better and finally customizable.

I’ve decided that everyone who supported Boxy Theme at Patreon before 2017-09-26 will get DA UI for free :wink:

A big thank you for being part of this project, for the kind words, contributions and your support!



What happended to Boxy or DA UI ?



Take a look at this thread.