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Boxy (DA UI) theme missing


I have a private copy of the DA UA theme package if you are still needing it.



Could you share this with us?



Hopefully this is complete - it is the DA UI Packages folder uploaded to github:

Let me know if it works.

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@oivva @ihodev [2 user accounts here, presumably 1 is more recent]

I too was a bit worried and thought maybe he’d died or something tragic. BUT…

He posted this on GitHub 3 days ago, so he seems to be alive at least.

Also I expect he can be contacted through LinkedIn.

It was a great shame that his EXCELLENT ST packages were removed by the deletion of his GitHub Repos instead of simply leaving them in place and stopping work on them. Perhaps his employer complained he was focusing too much on his private projects and gave him some kind of ultimatum, or something similar that forced his hand. After all he put a huge amount of work into his ST packages, and to suddenly delete the repos seems quite extreme.

Perhaps we, those interested in doing so, should contact him and ask if he were willing to pass on the latest files of Boxy, DA UI, etc… New repos could be created for the packages and Package Control updated.

Although the work I did on Boxy was tiny in comparison to his, I did create the Numix colour scheme for Boxy, along with the ability to change the minimap’s viewport opacity, probably in total 6-8 hours work. I’m a huge fan of the Boxy theme and am sorry to see it gone. I never got around to DA UI but always intended to give it a try when it got nearer to coming out of Beta or got a ‘non-experimental’ release.

Perhaps ihodev will reply in this thread, although it seems likely that he’s stopped reading this forum.

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Hello, I’ve tried to follow the installation in the but the Boxy Theme isn’t available after selecting Package Control: Install Package. Do I have to fork the repo and clone it locally? Been working on this for an hour now, would love some advice! Have a great day!

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Doesn’t work for me. In the modules subdir are only the .pyc files but not the .py files. Could you check this?



Those are all that I have. Very sorry!



It’s relatively trivial to decomplie .pyc files to python source code using something like uncompyle6 (, I’ve done it myself.

The issue is, the theme wasn’t permissively licensed as far as I can remember, so it’s questionable whether it would be okay to pick up dev on it.

It’s a shame that people are moving away from ST to vscode, ST is a great editor. :man_shrugging:



Eh, even if that’s true, it’s not what happened here.



I decompiled the code and it looks quite “sophisticated”. From my current point of knowledge most things of the DA UI can be implemented as plain *.sublime-theme file while keeping most of its flexibility/customizablity.

The variable support compared with the CSS color functions and the “extends” functionality introduced in the current dev cycle helps making all the python additions obsolete.

The required changes to the theme files makes the “licensing” issue obsolete.

I’ve learned a lot about the ST theming engine. The DA UI is a very good example to start learning as it makes use of the most features while being quite structured.

My local ports of the Minimal and Classic variants look quite well already. Did not start working on Elegant/Origin/Sodish variants so far as I lost myself in creating new animations and polishing the base theme and start integrating the new VCS features.

Even though it still needs some work - the idea of the DA UI theme will survive.



Excellent! If you end up putting something up on GitHub, I’d be happy to help out where I can :slight_smile:



Not true and I have the stats to prove it !!

See: Sublime Text going strong - StackOverflow’s Developer Survey Results 2018



Anyone figure out how to install the Boxy Theme from the “backup” repo?

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Another fork:



I’ve uploaded the results of my efforts to create a DA UI inspired theme to github. It’s quite early development state so far, but should work well enough to give it a first chance out there in the wild.

Tried my best to immitate the DA UI and add some minor tweaks I found worth doing.

It requires Sublime Text 3.2+ and comes with support for the git integration features.

Most GUI elements can be modified using the variable support of the new sublime-theme format, but I did not make up my mind about which ones are worth to reveal to the “end user”.



@deathaxe, your efforts in this area are very much appreciated. I think Sublime’s default adapt theme, while great, never quite fit quite what I was looking for. It’s nice to the spirit of what DA was revived.



@deathaxe, it looks great! Do you intend to make it available via Package Control?

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I’m very surprised by this. It’s not often that someone will just up and delete everything, it happens, but thankfully it’s rare. The boxy theme was great and very popular, but I stopped using it when the Adaptive theme was implemented in the core. The DA UI theme didn’t seem to reach the popularity of its predecessor.

I also stopped using A File Icon in preference of braver’s more lightweight FileIcons package, which I guess is why I’ve only noticed the removal of these packages now.

The 2019 SO survey sees Sublime Text down over 5 points from 2018. It looks like vsode is killin’ it! Sublime isn’t the only one down: Atom, Eclipse, Netbeans, are all down. Some are holding their ground: PHPStorm, IntellJ, Vim, PyCharm.

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