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A File Icon – Sublime file-specific icons for improved visual grepping


This package adds file-specific icons to Sublime Text for improved visual grepping. It’s heavily inspired by Atom File Icons.

Its aims are:

  • to be a tmPreferences storage for UI themes those support file-specific icons,
  • to provide icons for themes those don’t (fully) support file-specific icons.

Package Control: A File Icon
GitHub: a-file-icon

Continuing the discussion from zz File Icons.


Package request for file icon

:eyeglasses: A File Icon 3.0.0 :eyeglasses:

New release!

A File Icon has been recently re-named from zz File Icons. If you have no local changes, you should have no problems. If you do have local changes, just remove zz File Icons folder if it exists and wait until plugin completes its work.

Plugin has been rewritten from scratch to fix most critical bugs. I hope you’ll like it :wink:

:bug: Bug Fixes

  • Fix patch generation for themes with icon customization support
  • Fix resource copying with partial extracted package
  • Fix SublimeLinter settings update
  • Remove theme addons from the list of installed themes
  • Sublime Text icon inconsistency

:cookie: Features

  • Add an icon for Maya (*.mel)
  • Add icon for .elm files
  • Add riot icon
  • Add VIM icon
  • Automatically update linter settings
  • Resolve conflicts with unsupported themes
  • Use package icons if they missing in themes with icon customization support


:eyeglasses: A File Icon 3.1.0 :eyeglasses:

:cookie: Features

  • Add a video icon
  • Add Adobe After Effects icon
  • Add Adobe InDesign icon
  • Add Adobe Premiere Pro icon
  • Add an audio icon
  • Add Microsoft Access icon
  • Add Microsoft Excel icon
  • Add Microsoft OneNote icon
  • Add Microsoft PowerPoint icon
  • Add Microsoft Word icon
  • Add option to change sidebar row padding


:eyeglasses: A File Icon 3.2.0 :eyeglasses:

:bug: Bug Fixes

  • Fix plugin crash on manual install
  • Improve plugin install and update process
  • Add missing Office exts
  • Associate ESLint icon with .eslintcache
  • Associate stylelint icon with .stylelintignore

:cookie: Features

  • Add Dart icon
  • Add Kotlin icon
  • Add PowerShell icon
  • Add Tern icon
  • Associate Windows icon with *.lnk files


:eyeglasses: A File Icon 3.2.1 :eyeglasses:

:bug: Bug Fixes

  • Associate Heroku icon with .buildpacks
  • Associate tex-icon with biblatex (.bib) files
  • Fix black icons on Adaptive theme
  • Fix rendering of the icons on Windows (ST 3127+)
  • Make aliases hidden


Hi guys,

Please forgive my long silence. I’ve been working on my new theme, that’s why you may have noticed there were no new releases.

Today, I’m going to start work on the next major version.

Things that I want to accomplish:

  • fix existing bugs,
  • add all new requested icons,
  • add advanced customization features:
    • you’ll be able to change icon colors,
    • you’ll be able to change icon images,
    • you’ll be able to apply per theme settings.
  • optionally use colors from the current global color scheme.

Keep in touch :wink: I hope 4.0.0 will be awesome :sunny:

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Mustache icon is missing in this package.



@ihodev nice! :stuck_out_tongue:



Does any one know whats happen with git repository of A File Icon?
Not working now

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That package is an @ihodev package; according to thelink in the below forum post, he’s moved on from using Sublime Text in favor of using something else, and as a result has possibly deleted all of his package repositories from GitHub.



That’s a pity. Has anyone forked/cloned the repo recently?

Edit: Okay, think I found the most recent source and forked it. I’ll start to replicate all my beloved packages from now, it’s sad to see how people burn down the great things they gave to the community.



He could say something or just put any clone repo.
Strange author behaviour, but ok, i will not cry… :unamused:
Here is alternative:
Thanks guys for information



What a shame; this is why GitHub has an archive functionality. Well, I’ve got my local copy, so it’s still working for now. Guess I’ll switch if it breaks.



A reconstruction of the original repository is up at

Looking forward to get the package link at redirected to it.



That’s quite strange to say the least. Why would anyone delete repositories that community is relies on without warning? I mean moving on is one thing, but this is just disrespectful to his own work. It’s like writing a novel and burning it down afterwards.