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Dev Build 3098


Windows: ctrl+alt+p is no longer bound by default, due to compatibility issues with some keyboard layouts

In case you want to add it back:

{ "keys": ["ctrl+alt+p"], "command": "prompt_select_workspace" }

@jps: here is a small idea: create a category called releases (or whatever), where only moderators can create topics and everyone can comment :wink:


Quick Switch Project shortcut doesn't work anymore
Dev Build 3099 - Switch Project Shortcut

Thank you for this keybinding, I was just looking how to enable it back.
Also the releases category will be very helpful for users to find information about specific build.
Great idea! :slightly_smiling:



I’m so happy to see a new release that I almost cried !



3099 is out now fixing a code folding crash regression

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ST3 (3098 on OSX) crash on folding

window.is_sidebar_visible() and window.set_sidebar_visible() are amazing. Thanks.
Can we get similar checks for other UI elements like Tab-bar, Status-bar and minimap:


I’m using some horrible hacks in my DistractionFreeWindow Plugin to figure them out.


API Suggestions
Dev Build 3111

On the subject of dealing with sidebar, could you give us some attributes on sidebar when it gets focus, so that we can render it in a different way so that the focused sidebar could be easily distinguished from unfocused sidebar.
I’ve talked about it here in the forum


Dev Build 3111

I’m very glad to see this and to see the project is still active. I just wish there was a way to communicate with the dev ( @jps ). For example if you report a bug/ask a feature you have no idea if anyone actually read your request. Was it approved? Was it rejected? Will it ever be considered? It would be really nice and go a long way if there would be some kind of communication.

In my (hopeless?) case i’m still hoping for a Python update (specially the SSL so it can support TLS1.2 as looks like everybody kind of disables anything lower than TLS 1.2 and you can’t make HTTPS requests anymore form your plugin.)

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TLS 1.2 is available via PyOpenSSL or oscrypto. It is not part of Python 3.3’s ssl module, and would require upgrading to Python 3.4, which would break many packages, so it is not a simple choice.

oscrypto gets you “free” patching of the TLS library, whereas PyOpenSSL requires new builds with each release of the cryptography package. I wrote oscrypto, but also wrote scripts to package PyOpenSSL for Sublime Text:



I’m looking into seeing if/how I can use oscrypto for my plugin, and thank you for it. But this is kind of an workaround due to the fact that sublime does not support it natively isn’t it?

I agree that Upgrading Python might break some packages, but it’s not like we switch from 2.x to 3.x. The problems should not be that big, and we kind of need to do it at some point, I don’t think remaining outdated forever is a great option.



It would break every single package that uses any sort of shared library and most of the dependencies.

My point is just that there are existing workarounds that would have less impact.



Thanks @jps.

If any of my posts have not been as polite as they should have been then my sincere apologies.

But ST3 has, in the main, remained in daily use here on various flavours of Ubuntu. :smiley:

[And as I edit this post I see that 184 of us have clicked on the link to the download page already.]



A new build! Tagged some issues:

Quoting @jcberquist from the 3096 thread:

This is a bit odd. Opening files from traversing the output result does actually open the files for me on Windows and orward slashes are usually not an issue, but it does not open files from .sublime-package archives, such as the currently failing Packages/Java/ To my knowledge, the only way to open these files in a simple manner is

window.run_command("open_file", {"file": "${packages}/Java/"})

, which the file result opener doesn’t use for obvious reasons. I’m unsure of which method to choose for solving this.

That’s irrelevant, because the file name needs to be enclosed in quotes.




Been on the fence for almost a year now. Now definitely buying…



Same, had tissues nearby, but not for crying … :wink: woot



These issues were both fixed in the latest build (now 3099). They were both specifically with the code in in the Default package. The first issue had to do with “” in a relative package path when using that path with sublime.load_resource(). This was occurring where the active view was a syntax_test file when attempting to run the tests in that file. The second issue was also fixed, and the issue was that the regex listed ('^.SYNTAX TEST "?(.?)"?$'), when applied to a first line such as <!--- SYNTAX TEST "cfml.sublime-syntax" ---> results in a group one match of cfml.sublime-syntax" ---> because the quote is optional and it is attempting to match to the end of the line.



Ah I see, thank you. Then I actually reported something completely different.



Yes, these were resolved in 3098. For some reason I had in my head the quotes were optional, and I didn’t catch the closing comment issue since none of the tests in the default Packages use that.

If you create an issue, I can look into it. I just ran the Java test and did not see any errors.

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Awesome! Thanks Jon!



Thanks a lot for the update, about the Unicode updates, we closed many bugs, there are two edge cases that Im not sure if you may be interested to look at, here links with quick reproducible examples:

This one is also interesting



Thanks for letting me know about those issues @tito - 964 and 727 will be fixed in 3100, but 663 will be unchanged. Sublime Text < 3096 didn’t support grapheme clusters at all, and 3096 introduced support for some Legacy Grapheme Clusters (i.e., base code point followed by 0 or more combining codepoints), but not support for Extended Grapheme Clusters. More details are at


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