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[Ubuntu] Revert to ST3 and prevent auto upgrading


I’d like to revert to ST3. Although I purchased a license for ST4, I haven’t looked into what it offers, and I just want my ST3 back. The upgrade to ST4 happened without any action from me, and so I’d also like to know how to prevent that if possible. The issue of being able to use Ctrl-Z to go back to the state of the file when Sublime was opened (and no further) is just something I use and consider part of how I work. I understand the ability to go back to the last save state, and that’s not what I’m looking for. I need Sublime Text to work how I expect it to (after using it for about a decade?).

This is Ubuntu 20.04 if it matters.

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Small consulation, I know, but you’re not the first. I think you’ll have to reinstall ST3, if you’ve got a copy of your old set up that’ll come in very handy (and will make the following less of a chore)


May 26

there are also st2 and even st1 downloadable btw.

Hopefully that link still works (I’ve had to block ST3 with communicating with the interweb so that I don’t get any unwanted stuff so can’t check)

Also I might be worth blocking ST3 from communicating with the web :wink:
Googling that is prob the easiest way, lots of info re that.
You can set a variable to update: false, hang on let me look for that…
Found it

Although it’s about it not working, I think if you have a licence it will work.

And here’s some reading material you’re not on your own…
(And more)

There’s hack’s to stop the “A new version of Sublime Text is available dowload now” pop up from occuring, available on Google. Send me a private message maybe ?

In summary
block ST for communicating with the web (for linux edit etc/hosts/)
Re-install ST3.
Do some hacks.
Message me privately for more detailed help (if I can)
Maybe someone else can jump in with better “legitimate” help…

Good luck, Lozminda

Ps Make a list of all your installed packages, the downgrade (often) wipes everything, so if you’ve got loads installed, that’ll probably be doing yourself a favour.
Pps I physically can’t upgrade (32 bit) but I was around for when it happened so have picked up a bit of info, even though I wasn’t upgraded. Bottom line I think it’s gonna be a bit of work to get back to ST3. Hopefully I’m wrong…



You can easily stop the update check if you have a licensed using the setting "update_check": false. See

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Have you tried disabling ‘hot_exit’ in ST4? That should keep undo history from going beyond when you launched Sublime, however, it will not restore files that were previously open.