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SUBLIME TEXT 3 : how to disable word wrap in build output?


We can read this, on this blog post :

But is there a way to disable this ? I would like to have this output pane behave like in ST2.



add this to your user settings;

"word_wrap": "false",


{ "cmd": "-f", "$file" ], "word_wrap": false, }

Hi, you can add it inside your build system code. This one works for me (build 3065).Regards,



ran into the same issue. added the line of code above to my python build file:

“shell_cmd”: “python -u “$file””,
“file_regex”: “^ ]File "(…?)”, line ([0-9]*)",
“selector”: “source.python”,
“word_wrap”: false,


		"name": "Syntax Check",
		"shell_cmd": "python -m py_compile \"${file}\"",


setting wrap_width to 9999 in default preferences works also:

// Set to a value other than 0 to force wrapping at that column rather than the // window width "wrap_width": 9999,

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Edge effects

Is there someone I can actually speak to regarding this? I am not savvy in these areas and I have a deadline.



It seems like there must be a better way of specifying this than either of the following options:

  • as @CleanFun mentioned
    • solution: put "word_wrap": "false", in your user settings
    • downside: this effectively disables word wrapping everywhere (and doesn’t even seem to work for me on 3207)
  • as @bolangan mentioned
    • solution: put "word_wrap": false, in every build file whose output you want to have “unwrapped”
    • downsides:
      1. this requires editing built in files, including ones that ship with packages and are updated (& overwritten) automatically
      2. this requires you to edit every single build file.

Can’t there just be a user setting wrap_build_output that can be overridden locally by build systems if they really want to?


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