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ST3 crashes frequently since Build 3124


ST3 has crashed 5 times this morning since this new release. It never happened before.

I’m using webpack also, which tracks file changes, mayve that’s why, but again it didn’t happen before

Windows 10, ST3 64bit, Build 3124


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Thank you Sublime!
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I have the same problem, Sublime keeps crashing since I updated. Is it possible to revert to the previous build? If so, how?

I’ve also noticed Ghost Text package has stopped working.

Together this is making ST3 almost impossible for me to use!

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I think it’s because it had to reindex all files, now it seems fine hopefully



So what do I need to do to fix it?



How did you manage to fix it?

My install, on windows 7, from the admin account, got the persmissions messed up, which I fixed. But still keeps breaking things… when it starts, the window freezes and need to restart sublime.

I have deleted the folder under %APPDATA%/Local/Sublime Text 3 and still getting the screen freezing…

Did you do anything to fix it?



I am also having trouble with this new version.

I am using Windows 7 and Sublime Text does freezes during launch.



If you are having trouble with freezing or crashing, please try reverting to a clean state, but save your Data folder so you don’t lose any settings or customizations.

It may be that a third-party package is causing issues and may need to be updated to work with 3124.



Hi @wbond,

Thanks for your answer, but as I mentioned I already tried that, I move the folder away, it created a new one, but still not working…

Restarted the pc, and still getting the same freezing problems…

Any other tip?


I will try to reinstall it from scratch and validate again.



Perhaps see if antivirus or network security software is unhappy? There is a new python33.dll on Windows since we are shipping some fixes for the ctypes module. I could see how an antivirus program might think changes to how FFI calls happen in python33.dll or plugin_host.exe could make it think there was a virus.



Same thing for me… No luck after reverting it to a clean state.
Will try to use something like CCleaner to see if it helps.



0. Close Sublime Text

1. Try to remove these folders:


%LOCALAPPDATA%\Sublime Text 3


~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Cache
~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Index

2. Try to remove these files:


%APPDATA%\Sublime Text 3\Local\id*
%APPDATA%\Sublime Text 3\Local\Session.sublime_session


~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Local/id*
~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Local/Session.sublime_session

3. If you are web developer add remove node_modules from indexing via adding next settings to your user preference file


4. Create new workspace for your project.

5. Check your plugins & themes

These ones are causing issues:

  • Markdown Editing
  • Markdown Extended

Also try to enable all your default packages.


Crash BUG of 3126


I just noticed a weird thing… when using only the keyboard it´s working… even delete and install a package, like:

But, right after my first click (with the mouse) it crashes… like:

Just weird…

Hello @oivva, thanks for you reply. I tryid thatr as well on the preferences and users preferences settings, but I will tell you what, it´s freezing on opening, even withouth any projects loaded.

Thanks again!


First Update

Actually I did not even needed to click, only pass the mouse through sublime area and it freezes…


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I have found a workaround for this issue. You have to run Sublime Text as Administrator.

For me is working well. If you guys find a definitive solution for this issue, please tell us.





I am not sure… but after reinstalling a couple times, there might a permission problem, as some has pointed it out.

After reinstalling it was still not working, so, I am using a Windows 7, on a domain, so, here what I did to fix it:

1. Create a folder under C: (ex. apps) (On windows enviorment it will be accessible by every user this way).

2. Insltall a fresh Sublime Text 3 under this folder (ex. C:\apps\Sublime Text 3)

So it worked! Even with my regular configuration files, activation license, packages, settings and everything.

Update 01:

Sorry everyone, today got back and it starts to freeze again… let´s see how it goes.



@evert.ramos I got EXACTLY the same problem as you! If i just type something, Sublime keeps working. As soon as I pass the mouse through sublime area and it freezes. Really weird.

@leozzito Thanks for the tip! That also worked here! Have you tried that, @evert.ramos?



@oliverdrummond well, I had a work around on other way, besides having to run as admin everytime, I reinstalled under C: as my previous message.

Thanks :slightly_smiling:

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Autoupdate, ST3 3124, Windows 10 x64, Not Responding

Same problem here. Running as administrator “solves” the problem, but it’s annoying. Any permanent fix besides installing in another folder as @evert.ramos said?



My sublime crashed here, but I think it is not related: [Build 3124] Crashed while saving my sublime-syntax modifitions.

What I do is simple, I run the portable version on another hard disk, i.e., not where my Windows 10 is installed. A folder like:


The running as administrator problem seens to be about the Windows file access permission, so moving sublime out of the Program Files and User folder restrictions prying eyes seens to solve it. But I cannot confim if my Sublime Text is free of crash because I since that crash I did not worked with sublime-syntax files developments.



I haven’t been able to replicate the issue on my Windows 10 x64 VM.

Can any of you having trouble look in the Event Viewer and see if you can find any entries related to Sublime Text?



I can do that if you guide me through