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Crash BUG of 3126


recently update to the latest version 3126

it’s awful that sometimes sublime crashed and exit without any prompt

I findout it’s something related to fcitx, 'cause as long as I switch to fcitx, then crashed, but sometime it’s ok

my sublime has set the preload

OS: Arch x86_64
Version: sublime-text-dev 3126

I also curious about anybody else meets the same Bug?

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3126 Crashing

The x86 version of sublime also present the same bug?



I figured out!

thanks @oivva

On Linux, Mac and Windows detial

0. Close Sublime Text

1. Try to remove these folders:

    ~/.config/Sublime Text 3/Cache
    ~/.config/Sublime Text 3/Index

2. Try to remove these files:

    ~/.config/Sublime Text 3/Local/Session.sublime_session

3. Create new workspace for your project.

4. if you using `Markdown Extended` package, remove or ignore it in setting

AKA, clean Cash & Index, forbidden Markdown Extend, and re-built your Project workspace

BTW, MarkdownFootnotes could be substitution !

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