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Recent Files Don't Show in Windows Task Bar: Sublime Text build 3114


In the above, what used to be a list of recent files is now blank. How do I get this back?


Windows Jump List not working after switching to Sublime Text 4

I’ve never seen this working with ST, but this article suggests that it might help to set ST3 as the registered application for handling whatever file types you want to appear in the recent files area in ST3’s jump list.


Recent Files on dock/taskbar icon right-click menu

That seems to have done it! Thanks!




2024.03.23 - As of today, Sublime Text does not yet have the ability to show recent files on the Windows taskbar, as well as pin the most used files.

It’s amazing to see that a feature as useful as this, is not on the application developers’ list of projects and since 2016 there is still no solution or even a forecast for development.

I’m using Notepad++ only because I can’t access recent files through the application’s taskbar menu.

Just setting the app as default for TXT files is not enough for it to show recent files in the taskbar.



ST4 definitly supports system recent files.

Opened projects/workspaces as well as supported file types are displayed in OSs recent files list.

Screenshot from Windows 10 22H2


It does however not display recently added/opened folders.

The feature can be enabled/disabled via "update_system_recent_files": true setting.

That said, Windows only adds file types to that list, which are marked “supported” by an application.

Sublime Text’s installer only adds *.sublime-... files to that list, unfortunatelly.

To enable all kinds of files being added, you’d probably want to clear/remove the list of SupportedTypes.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
; Remove any restrictions with regards to supported file types
; so all opened files are added to system recent files list

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