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[DEPRECATED] OTTO theme was renamed to BOXY


Easy customizable interface and syntax themes for Sublime Text 3 3083+. Come in, both, light and dark variations. All color schemes are optimized for JavaScript syntax highlighter. Active tab has the same background color as the background of the active color scheme to fit it more gracefully.

Package Control: Theme - Otto
Screenshots & Options: README
Website: Otto Themes
* website is is under development

You can choose accent color.

You can customize appearance of the:

  • tabs
  • find & replace panel
  • status bar
  • sidebar.

I’ve taken the best from these themes & color schemes:

  • Predawn
  • Material Theme
  • Theme - Primer
  • Theme - Piatto
  • Theme - Minimal
  • Base16 Color Schemes
  • Oceanic Next Color Scheme

Guys, I thank all of you! Let’s make Sublime Text even better!


Boxy – It Was the Most Hackable Theme for Sublime Text 3

:ok_hand: This looks fantastic! Great work!

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The theme does look great!

I wish the scrollbars were not as bright though as they are a bit distracting.

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Great work. I’ll definitely be trying it out. :raised_hands:

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Thanks, I’ll add setting in the next release to make them warmer.



Any chance you can add colored top bar like in Material Theme?



Yes, of course. Just a little later.



Can I ask what the motivation for enormous tabs and buttons in many of these themes is?

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Looks good even though I prefer the more refinded look of fitting well to OS X.

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I second this one, isn’t vertical space too precious to waste it like that?



I agree with you. Gravity looks good :wink:

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The real reason why it’s because I, and many others like me, like big UI controls.
If you don’t - you can use these options:
“theme_otto_tab_small”: true,
“theme_otto_find_and_replace_small”: true,
“theme_otto_status_bar_small”: true,
“theme_otto_sidebar_small”: true,

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Gave you a star on Github

For some reason, my eyes hate the screenshots tho, functionally they are awesome, yet either I hate the font, or they are off-scale (the dimensions)



Thanks:) Your eyes hate Microsoft Consolas font, because screenshots aren’t off-scalle :slight_smile: Anyway I changed font to Fira Code.



:eyeglasses: Otto v1.1.0 :eyeglasses:

:gem: Themes

:heavy_check_mark: Add global settings
:heavy_check_mark: Add font size settings
:heavy_check_mark: Add option to hide tab separators

:lipstick: Color Schemes

:heavy_check_mark: Enable syntax highlighting in the text selection
:heavy_check_mark: Improve text selection readability
:heavy_check_mark: Fix highlighting of the javascript methods

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Now, you can try these options:

“theme_otto_scrollbars_monochrome”: true,
“theme_otto_scrollbars_wide”: true,

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I’ve noticed one thing and I’m wondering if it can be addressed. When viewing the theme with the following options:
"theme_otto_tab_selected_prelined": true, "theme_otto_tab_selected_underlined": true,I note that having two or more columns in each column there is an outline suggesting the file is selected. This is confusing because the only thing that shows proper focus is the cursor. See image below for example, would it be possible that the outline or underline is only on the currently selected pane/buffer/etc?



Boxy – It Was the Most Hackable Theme for Sublime Text 3

Sorry, it’s not possible. But you can try this plugin: . It changes background color of the inactive panes. Looks very good, especially with dark themes.



I don’t suppose that’s something that we could see support on? I’m not particularly a fan of dimming the entire buffer/screen in order to show focus. @wbond any thoughts on this?



I’ve created an issue: We need focus or active state for selected and focused tab.