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Boxy – It Was the Most Hackable Theme for Sublime Text 3


Continuing the discussion from Otto - Your next theme for Sublime Text 3

A set of easy customizable interface and syntax themes for Sublime Text 3 3103+. Come in, both, light and dark variations.

Package Control: Boxy Theme
Screenshots & Options: Boxy Gallery
Docs: Boxy Wiki

There are dozens of options that enable you to personalize your experience with Boxy. See our wiki for more info.

:strawberry: Supports

:heavy_check_mark: Git Gutter
:heavy_check_mark: Gutter Color
:heavy_check_mark: Color Highlighter
:heavy_check_mark: Markdown Extended
:heavy_check_mark: Sublime Linter
:heavy_check_mark: Ace Jump

:hearts: Heavily inspired by

:heavy_check_mark: Predawn
:heavy_check_mark: Material
:heavy_check_mark: Primer
:heavy_check_mark: Piatto
:heavy_check_mark: Minimal
:heavy_check_mark: Base16 Color Schemes
:heavy_check_mark: Oceanic Next Color Scheme

Guys, I thank all of you!


[DEPRECATED] OTTO theme was renamed to BOXY
[DEPRECATED] OTTO theme was renamed to BOXY

:eyeglasses: Boxy v2.0.0 :eyeglasses:

:gift: Themes

:heavy_check_mark: Review sizes of all UI controls (now small by default)
:heavy_check_mark: Simplify all options
:heavy_check_mark: Introduce colored bar
:heavy_check_mark: Introduce new appearance of the scrollbars
:heavy_check_mark: Introduce rounded tabs and buttons
:heavy_check_mark: Review purple accent
:heavy_check_mark: Incorporates many other significant improvements

:gem: Color Schemes

:heavy_check_mark: Enhance JSON highlighting to support levels
:heavy_check_mark: Add support of Git Gutter
:heavy_check_mark: Add support of Gutter Color
:heavy_check_mark: Add support of Sublime Linter (also available UI theme as extras)
:heavy_check_mark: Add support of Markdown Extended
:heavy_check_mark: Incorporates many other enhancements, improvements and bug fixes

Read full change log →



:eyeglasses: Boxy v2.0.1 :eyeglasses:

:gift: Themes

:heavy_check_mark: Fix status bar font size
:heavy_check_mark: Fix tab line color
:heavy_check_mark: Add PostCSS icon

Also, check out our updated gallery :wink:

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I’m curious. The default theme has tabs that take their color form any syntax theme. Why aren’t any themes copying this behavior? Instead everyone resorts to making numerous variations to match color schemes, or even forking and repackaging color schemes? I like to switch color schemes and it would seem much more convenient to have the theme adjust to that.



I’m curios about that, too. To my knowledge, you can not source colors from external files within .sublime-theme files. There aren’t any plugins in the Package folder either that could have automatically edited the theme to the color scheme color’s either.



There are a couple of reasons why:

  1. Almost all the theme developers are being inspired by another custom theme (every Sublime Text user knows something about Soda Theme), but not the Default.
  2. To my knowledge, syntax theme can affect only colors of the tabs and tabset (theme development is not well documented, only source code of the Default theme and some messages on the forum).
  3. At first glance it’s hard to understand how it works.
  4. More styles, more layers to implement interesting tab appearance, sublime limitations (e.g. max number of layers is 4).

As I know only Minimal Theme fully supports this behavior, but it’s not maintained anymore.

These themes have partial support of this behavior. Want to know why?
See (different color schemes per file type) :arrow_down:

Default Theme

Boxy Yesterday Theme




Are you saying that the default theme can adapt its sidebar color to the background color of the color scheme used? I’ve never seen this before.



No, just tabs. Screenshot with Default theme and Solarized Light scheme contain gif recording artifact :slightly_smiling: This is one of the reasons why



Ah, thanks for the clarification. It seems I overinterpreted @braver’s post.

Yes, I knew that tab background colors are usually inherited from the color scheme, but since I don’t use the tab bar (only sidebar with “show open files”) I never cared for that feature.

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Thanks, that makes sense. :+1:



Great theme. Thanks!
Just noticed one inconvenience. For some reason boxy increases and locks console panel font size so all underscores go under input line’s bottom edge i.e not visible when typing. Since the font size is locked there is no way to fix it by reducing global font size for the editor. Didn’t find any corresponding toggles in settings.

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Please look at this comment, it explains how to change the font size of the console panel and the input text.

And, just in case look at this known issue.

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Yep… Thanks!
Sorted now.



I couldn’t install Boxy theme or unable to remove the package because it is not yet installed. But every time when I start the sublime text 3 I get the following error

[Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘c:\users\kpreddy\appdata\local\temp\tmpdw7gdg\Boxy Theme.sublime-package’


  1. Close Sublime Text
  2. Then try to delete this folders:
%LocalAppData%\\Sublime Text 3
%AppData%\\Sublime Text 3\\Local
%AppData%\\Sublime Text 3\\Packages\User\Package Control.cache
  1. Open Sublime Text
  2. Then please post your console output here (View → Show Console)
  3. Also, please post your User Settings


nice looking theme, but not to my tastes, so definitely not my next theme, sorry. the presumptuous title is somewhat annoying, to be honest.



Have you tried it? If yes, it was your next :slightly_smiling: If not, ok, you can think about the description as of marketing :shit:

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terrible marketing.



:eyeglasses: Boxy v2.0.2 :eyeglasses:

:gift: Themes

:heavy_check_mark: Fix styles of the tab separator
:heavy_check_mark: Add monochrome variant of the folders
:heavy_check_mark: Add SublimeLinter theme as an addon
:heavy_check_mark: Add addons to change the font size of the text inputs
:heavy_check_mark: Add an addon to change Sublime Text UI font face

:gem: Color Schemes

:heavy_check_mark: Add guide colors



I have been using boxy myself. I kind of sticked to Ocean Eighties color scheme and then used materialize and now using boxy theme. After making some tweaks finally I have settled for the setting I am happy with.

The ease with boxy is that it provides lot of options to customize it to your liking. You just have to dig a bit more settings and you don’t know until you give it a try. I would recommend it to everyone at least try it once and see for yourself. My sublime user setting is here just in case.

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