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DA UI Is Now a Public Beta. Adaptive, Customizable, Elegant UI Theme and Color Schemes for Sublime Text 3


Of course, if you like it :slight_smile: You can post you suggestion here:



I don’t see any dirty indicators on tabs themselves, only on sidebar. Is that by design?



Nope, the circle icon shows “dirty” state by default.

Please file your issue here with all necessary details (DA UI: Report an Issue).

P.S. You can also change the color of tab lines in the dirty state, see next theme settings:

  "tab_line_color_on_dirty": "",
  "tab_line_color_on_dirty_hover": "$tab_line_color_on_hover",
  "tab_line_color_on_selected_dirty": "$accent_color",
  "tab_line_color_on_selected_dirty_hover": "$accent_color",

Options to change the foreground color of the dirty tabs will be available in the next releases.

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I have found out that it’s due to having a close button switched off. Filed

As for changing line color, I thought I have tried that with but I couldn’t see any difference. Even after restarting. I’m using Elegant skin and that has line only on active tabs. Maybe that is the issue.

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Skins are for demo purposes only, because they override the user settings. Just cut the skin settings and paste them under the root and you’ll be able to customize the skin.

"skin": {
  "id": "elegant",
  "settings": {
    // <settings to cut>
// <paste the skin settings here>


It seems the customising the scrollbar colour doesn’t work:

			    ["rgba", 255, 255, 255, 0.05],
			    ["rgba", 248, 209, 78, 0.05],
			    ["rgba", 255, 255, 255, 0.10],
			    ["rgba", 248, 209, 78, 0.10],

I wanted to change the scrollbar colour from grey to amber.



@ihodev What’s the development status on this project? I’ve been using sublime text since 2009 (when the Command Pallet was the greatest thing since sliced bread) and you my friend have brought that feeling back with this project! I sure hope it’s still being worked on :smiley:



Currently I’m very busy due to changing my job position and the stack I learn to. However A File Icon is the next thing I want to finish when I get some free time. After that I’ll continue working on DA UI. Sorry for the inconvenience, I’m always trying to do my best, however some things are changed and now I can’t promise any ETAs.



Hi @ihodev i love your Theme, but it not Sublime Linter color in Gutter, you can see this?



Wish there was something like this for WebStorm as well as for Sublime.