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[I created a customized version]

On first startup, select Read_Me -> Setup

Looking for your feedbacks. :pray:



My feedback is that what you are doing is illegal since you have included a license file in the repo (and pirated at that, I believe).

And also anyone with a sane mind should not even attempt to run an executable from some random repo as there is a high chance of getting infected with some virus or trojan.

And besides those obvious issues, the concept of packaging an app with your selection of packages is flawed from the start as people have different needs and work on different code. What works for you is likely not gonna be ideal for the next person. And it possibly also violates the ST terms of use, if the included pirated license wasn’t enough.

So if I was you, I would delete this post and the repo before the admins do that. It’s an official forum and I’m pretty sure this won’t be tolerated.



I am aware of that license which is taken from GitHub only. I also want to validate license effectively.
And included most of the common packages which can be removed if they want.
And also if I delete, I get
“You don’t have permission to delete this topic. If you really want it to be deleted, submit a flag for moderator attention together with reasoning.”



Will include virus check report



You are not allowed to post links to pirated license. Regardless of where you found it.

And this is not an open-source project because the authors decided to make a living out of selling it. Not everything is open source. Deal with it.

This doesn’t make it any more credible or trustworthy.

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Removed the link. Will Sublime HQ have fundraising like Codota?

Any thoughts on this reddit post?

Sublime is losing its users :sob:



Sublime HQ gets income through license purchases. You can purchase your license for Sublime Text here: and for Sublime Merge here: Sublime Text and Sublime Merge are proprietary.



Will buy one day definitely. Recently purchased my first license for Nova Launcher.
The main reason more people use VSCode is for free. Sublime should give community edition like PyCharm to retain its users. So many companies will use.



I don’t think it’s legal for a company to use community version of JetBrains products…



Visual Studio Community edition for commercial purpose [closed]
For a small startup company .



We have an unlimited evaluation period with no missing features (except for Sublime Merge where theming is prevented) unlike many other products that lock important features behind a paywall.

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Even though, its popularity is reduced?




Ah, but the developers get to live in a house and buy food. Good things come from making money.

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If it continues, it is worse for developers only. It is an awesome software and they should live in a sophisticated life like their editor. If they make it open-source, they maybe get more from donations and fundraises



I just can’t believe that a person who uses/shares a pirated license will donate to the dev team (>= $80). In my mind, you are just talking about “other people will donate them, let me just use it”.

Opensourcing had been discussed before. I DO think the dev team knows decisions they make. It’s just that people’s reasons are not appealing to them so they are not convinced.

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If that “maybe” doesn’t happen, it can be a disaster to SublimeHQ because they opensourced their major profitable product. That “maybe” is not convincing, especially when it can be related to a company’s live-or-dead.

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Did you read this?



I don’t have to. Let the staff read it. And if ST gets open-sourced after reading that. I will read it to find the treasure in the post. :smiley:



The only time I’ve seen open sourcing of a commercially sold piece of software be successful is when said software also shipped with other proprietary components that provide value on their own, see for instance Space Engineers (or in fact PyCharm). There’s simply nothing to take away from Sublime Text for a “community edition” in a way in which is better than the current situation.

This has been discussed many times before: any sort of source code release would likely not lead to increased productivity and would either result in us needing to enforce our copyright throughout various regions if we’re not using an open source license (resulting in likely massive legal fees over time) or it would greatly hurt sales. Unlike SASS services Sublime Text is software you run and install on your local machine, so if it were open source every package manager under the sun would just distribute it and no-one would be compelled to buy a license.