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In my experience, people just don’t donate, it doesn’t matter what you do. VSCode’s development would be totally dead without the backing of Microsoft, and it’s still embarassing IMO that it has to run on Electron. If there’s a company that should be able to code native software, it’s Microsoft.



why do so many people like to play “the sims” with other people’s business plans? You don’t even own any shares with the company so what’s the point? If you want to increase the number of sublimetext users you can recommend the Software to your best friends at no cost at all.



@usig What’s your opinion about this?



Stats like this doesn’t matter



opinion about what? While Sublime Text and Sublime Merge as Software are proprietary, Sublime HQ PTY LTD is an open source company.

Open source means you can have a look at the source code and read the license agreement between you and the license holder to use, modify or distribute it.

Open source companies are those that play a major role in developing and maintaining the open source software. It does not mean they think business plans are boring let a community figure out the future of their company.

So, as you can see Sublime HQ has a business model involving both proprietary and open source Software (yes, i know there are discussions about open source and open core, i don’t want to make it too complicated here), and as one of their customer i can assure you they are earning money.

All of these are facts, no opinions about it :grinning:

It is like a shopping mall with 1 hour free parking. The purpose is to give you something for free with the intention to increase income. Nobody makes money from 1 hour free parking, but it still makes part of a business plan. It costs a lot of money providing this offer, but it is with these additional spending that income can be increased due to more sales. This is possible because 1 hour free parking does not give you the right to buy a new kitchen set, a smart phone and a massage chair without making payment.

Unfortunately, the open source world is often promoted by extremist groups such as universities, companies or keyboard warriors. Whenever you hear statements such as

  • proprietary is evil
  • proprietary is dumb
  • open source wins
  • proprietary is dead
  • open source is better than proprietary

these are not facts. Instead of forming an opinion based on some sources, think about what benefits there are for them providing this information, or for you consuming this information. This university professor still gets his monthly salary, not from open source online classes but from the money you paid in advance for him giving such lectures.

When you are developing a business plan, do it for yourself and not for someone that didn’t ask you to do it. If your business plan uses words like “maybe” or “somehow” the only ones listening to you are those with the intention to fraud other people, or have entirely different plans behind your back.

Ultimately, what purpose does an opinion have if it is not used for your own decision making? If you want to go open source, then choose the right license for your work and make it happen.