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Sublime Text going strong - StackOverflow's Developer Survey Results 2018


I stumbled on the StackOverflow: Developer Survey Results 2018 this afternoon. The results are based on a survey of 101,592 software developers from 183 countries around the world.

Sublime Text is going strong!

In the Development Environments and Tools section the Most Popular Development Environments question asked which tools developers use. Clearly many developers use multiple tools so these figures do NOT equate to market share.

  • All Respondents: 28.9% use Sublime Text
  • Web Developers: 30.2% use Sublime Text
  • Mobile Developers: 32.2% use Sublime Text
  • Sysadmin/DevOps: 28.8% use Sublime Text

See also (no direct comparison possible since the questions slightly differ):

StackOverflow: Developer Survey Results 2017
StackOverflow: Developer Survey Results 2016

I think that Jon and Will might find this information interesting, as well as the general riff-raff like me.


Boxy (DA UI) theme missing

StackOverflow: Developer Survey Results 2019

Why they don’t include ‘Most Popular Development Environments’ for 2020 survey?

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I don’t know but I just spent 15 mins trying to find out with no luck. Development environment questions seem to have been dropped with the exception of asking about which operating systems are used by developers.

Lots of interesting looking information though. I intend to have a good read when I’m less busy.



I love sublime so much, it would be better if has GUI debug function