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Boxy – It Was the Most Hackable Theme for Sublime Text 3


This is how Package Control updates the current custom theme. You should wait until it finished the updating (theme & color scheme settings will be restored after that). Also you can quickly change or preview each Boxy theme:

  1. Open Command Palette using menu item Tools → Command Palette...
  2. Choose Boxy Theme: Activation
  3. Hit Enter

All your settings will be safe, this command only changes theme & color scheme.

More info about the way of updating the current theme: More elegant way of updating the current theme

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Boxy theme is great!
I found one little problem - when I set font size of a tab name to medium or larger the letters get cut from below (especially visible if filename contains underscores). Is there any setting I could use to avoid this situation?



no, it’s a known bug that the ST devs will need to fix, AFAIK there is no workaround



It appears to not restore boxy theme most of the time after upgrade.

The problem with manual re-activation is that I don’t want to use bundled color scheme so it’s a two step process. First activation and then changing color scheme from the main menu.



I can say for sure, fresh Sublime Text on Windows restores theme & color scheme right after updating. Except Boxy v3.3.0 which had some typo in env plugin, theme was reverted to the Default after updating. Fixed in 3.3.1.



All that I can say it depends on your UI font & OS font rendering. On Windows with default UI font, the maximum font size without cut off is 11 (sm), on Mac ~ 12-13 (md-lg). These options will be usable when the bug will be fixed. For now you can only play with UI fonts (via addon) or increase tab font size on Mac.

See also: Interface Suggestions



:eyeglasses: Boxy v3.4.0 :eyeglasses:

:gift: Themes

:heavy_check_mark: Fix gutter icons of the Color Highlighter for the light themes (when c56af9f will be merged)
:heavy_check_mark: Add extras activator
:heavy_check_mark: Return previous python icon

:gem: Color Schemes

:heavy_check_mark: Improve markdown highlighting
:heavy_check_mark: Make active guide monochrome
:heavy_check_mark: Add Plain Notes support
:heavy_check_mark: Add Plain Tasks support

I highly recommend you to use Plain Notes as syntax of your markdown files looks and works really good :wink:

:tada: In Action

Getting started video now shows how to activate extras, also I’ve reduced the length of it.

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Thanks for all your work on Boxy, it is awesome!

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Not sure but I think that indent_guide is no longer aligned with theme accent… on the other hand I am not sure it ever was?



Starting 3.4.0 indent guide is monochrome, at the beginning it was yellow, than - green. Theme accent affects only UI theme. If you don’t like monochrome guides, do the manual customization via PackageResourceViewer as described here:

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Thank you! I am using green accent and that’s why I thought indent guide color was affected by it :slight_smile:

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I like this theme very much!! Thank you for your work.
One question: do you think you can add an option to have a smaller Search panel? Even if I set the global theme to “xs”, the search/replace panel is too big for my taste… :slightly_smiling:

Thanks again.



I am having an issue with the Tab flavour theme_tab_selected_…

It seems all tabs gets marked as selected? Any ideas?

  • Boxy Theme: 3.4.0
  • Sublime Text: 3120
  • Platform: windows
  • Package Control: True
  • Dependencies:
    • mdpopups: 1.10.0
    • markdown: 2.6.6
    • pygments: 2.1a0
    • jinja2: 2.8

Here are a cutout of my settings, but I have tried fiddling with them without success

"bold_folder_labels": true,
"caption": "1. Full - 2. 2 columns",
"caret_style": "solid",
"color_inactive_tabs": false,
"color_scheme": "Packages/Boxy Theme/schemes/Boxy Tomorrow.tmTheme",
"command": "set_layout",
"copy_with_empty_selection": false,
"detect_indentation": false,
"draw_minimap_border": true,
"enable_telemetry": false,
"ensure_newline_at_eof_on_save": true,
"fade_fold_buttons": false,
"font_face": "Anonymous Pro",
"font_size": 11,
"highlight_line": true,
"highlight_modified_tabs": true,
"indent_to_bracket": true,
"line_padding_bottom": 0,
"line_padding_top": 0,
"preview_on_click": false,
"shift_tab_unindent": true,
"soda_folder_icons": false,
"status_bar_brighter": false,
"theme": "Boxy Tomorrow.sublime-theme",
"theme_dirty_accent_orange": true,
"theme_find_panel_font_xs": true,
"theme_find_panel_materialized": true,
"theme_find_panel_size_xs": true,
"theme_tab_selected_underlined": true,
"translate_tabs_to_spaces": true,
"trim_trailing_white_space_on_save": true,
"wrap_width": 80




Ok, I will add theme_find_panel_size_xxs in 4.0.0.

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This is known ST issue, see:

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InactivePanes was nice, thanks!

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:eyeglasses: Boxy v3.5.0 :eyeglasses:

:gift: Themes

:heavy_check_mark: Add a very large tab variant
:heavy_check_mark: Add a very small variant of the find panel
:heavy_check_mark: Add monochrome accent
:heavy_check_mark: Add semi overlayed scrollbars
:heavy_check_mark: Add unified mode


// Set monochrome accent color
"theme_accent_mono": true,
// Enable the same background color for UI components
"theme_unified": true,
// Increase size of tabs to extra extra large
"theme_tab_size_xxl": true,
// Reduce size of the find panel to extra extra small
"theme_find_panel_size_xxs": false,
// Enable semi overlayed scrollbars
// Works only with "overlay_scroll_bars": "disabled"
"theme_scrollbar_semi_overlayed": true,

:gem: Color Schemes

:heavy_check_mark: Add Bracket Highlighter support
:heavy_check_mark: Add TypeScript popup styles

:tada: In Action



Boxy Theme Addon - Widget Font <SIZE> addons were removed.
Now you can change console & find panel font size via Boxy Theme Addon - Widget Font Size.

Also starting from now you can install File Icons Extended package which adds syntax aliases & icons for such file types as Git, Gulpfile, Bower & etc. Icon requests are welcome :wink:

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Awesome theme, amazing effort put to this. Thanks.

Do you have any release plan for new features? I’ve seen you have many commits on the dev branch and they seem like wonderful fixes and additions. Any news on where are we seeing them live?



You’re just in time! :wink: 4.0.0 will be available tomorrow :sunny: