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More elegant way of updating the current theme


For a while now, I’ve been getting annoyed with the way the current theme is updated. The way themes are updated at the moment is like this:

  • The theme to update is removed (resetting the theme back to the default)
  • An updated version of the theme is downloaded
  • The updated theme is applied
  • The user gets a popup telling them they may experience graphical glitches until Sublime is rebooted

This way is, in my opinion, rather clunky and not very user friendly. I propose a new system where the steps would be as follows:

  • An updated theme is downloaded to a temporary folder and/or with a temporary file name
  • Once complete, the user receives a popup giving them the option to update the theme now or wait
  • If “update now” is clicked, Sublime reboots into the current project (regardless of the hot_exit setting), applying the updated theme
  • If “wait” is clicked, the updated theme will not be applied until the user manually reboots Sublime

This would be a lot more user friendly and intuitive to use. This also reduces the risk of the theme’s download “corrupting” (as I’ve had happen to me a couple of times) by closing Sublime while the theme to update isn’t yet completely downloaded. This would require the end user to re-download the theme via Package Control.

Typing that last bit, I’m unsure whether this is pure Sublime functionality or if it has more to do with Package Control. I’d gladly submit this as a feature request there as well if it doesn’t fit here :slightly_smiling:


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