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Hi Everyone.

We are developing a sublime based inventory system. Would you guys know if it’s possible for the software to generate invoices in word/excel? One with fixed margins, fonts & highlights (colors)?

Our current problem with generating our invoices is that the table margins (row and height) keep on auto adjusting. It makes our invoices look unprofessional.

Thank you in advance.

PS. I’m not the developer, but we keep on going back and forth with the same errors.




  1. programming language - php
  2. how is it producing the current invoice (and format) - HTML only


Sublime Text is a product for writing code. Think of it like a screwdriver. The programming language being used is what actually tells the computer what it needs to do, like a robot in a factory. HTML is the format of the result of the PHP program, like a mass-manufactured car. Although a car may be built using some crews, you wouldn’t call it a screwdriver-based car, nor ask screwdriver experts how to change the oil :slight_smile:

I would imagine what you’re asking for is possible, but given the lack of technical details there’s not much anyone can do for you here.

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