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Can sublime have microsoft word as an output?


Hi All, hope everyone is safe.

Just a quick q, my developer is using sublime text to develop our new sales & inventory software. However, when we produce invoices, the margins are not correct (and doesn’t adjust). I am suggesting that the output should be MS word (or excel), to which they are not sure how to add.

My question is, is this even possible with sublime? If so, can anyone direct me towards the right direction?

thank you in advance!



it sounds like your question is “can one develop x in y language using z code editor”…
unless your “new sales & inventory software” is literally a sublime text plugin, I don’t think its relevant… What programming language is your developer using to create the sales and inventory software? How is he producing the invoices? And in what format are they currently? text files?



Thank you for your reply, apologies as I am not the developer but just trying to help them find the solution.

I asked the guys and here is their reply:

  1. programming language - php
  2. how is it producing the invoice (and format) - HTML only

thanks again for the help @kingkeith


  • Make a good looking invoice in Word.
  • “Save as…” the invoice and choose HTML as the format.
    • This should be Word’s janky HTML format.
  • Then use that as a template for your PHP.
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Word/Excel Invoices