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Why does't `alt+e` work on OSX?


I am really not sure if this is a bug in sublime or something with my machine.
It looks to me like sublime is not detecting alt+e.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open console (View -> Show Console)
  2. Run sublime.log_input(True);. This will logs your keys pressed
  3. Test it with pressing alt and r and it should print key evt: alt+r
  4. Test it again with pressing alt and e and here comes the issue. It does not print anything at my place.

I have tested this on
OSX 10.11.5 Sublime 3114

I would like to know if this is happening for other users as well.


`alt+e` undetectable on macOS even if disable dead key

I’ve tested this under Linux, MacOS and Windows and it’s only an issue under MacOS (I’m running 10.10.5 here).

You’re tripping over a feature of MacOS that allows you to type accented characters. For example, if you press Option+ee you will notice that the result is an é character in your document. In effect, MacOS is eating the key before Sublime even gets to see it. The same happens for Option+i, Option+N, Option+U and Option+`.

I’m not a Mac expert by any means, but I would imagine something in the system settings might let you turn this off. Some quick looking didn’t turn up anything obvious. Based on the stuff in this stack overflow question, it might require a custom keyboard layout file that tells MacOS to lay off, though.

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Oh, when you tell about it. I have heard of this before.

Anyway, thanks for testing and clearing up for me.