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Where to hire someone to make plugin?


I am looking for a plugin that will allow me to select blocks of code in sublime and change the background to a random color. This way I can quickly and easily visually separate different sections of my code. I have looked all over and even asked on this forum before but I can’t find anything like this out there. Is there a place to hire someone to make this?



I’m not aware of any place where you could hire someone for something like that. Since this is a request, someone may respond here with an offer to help or such though.

Do you envision something like selecting text and pressing a key and having the color applied, or something more automatic? Do you need to be able to remove the colors? Should they be somehow persisted when you close the file and then re-applied when you open it, or are they temporary?

This post includes an example of a plugin that colors specific text a particular way; it’s done based on defining a syntax in the file, but it could just as easily trigger on a keypress instead. The example there presents changing the foreground and background colors, but just the background could change as well.

Likely the main issue is in the “random colors” part; it’s not possible for a plugin to apply a color that doesn’t appear in the color scheme, so for this you’d also need a small extension to the color scheme to set colors to draw from.



Hi @OdatNurd

I was actually picturing selecting a block of text and then right clicking and choosing a random color from a color wheel.
It would be nice to remove the color though I could also just choose the default background color as well.
The colors would need to be persisted.
That post looks a little bit beyond my sublime experience level but I will study it more. I was thinking one way to persist would be to use the line numbers since I am happy with the entire row being the color, instead of highlighting specific text.



The issue with persisting the information across loads is how to handle the situation of the file content changing while the file is closed (e.g. opening the file, marking colors, closing the file, opening it in Notepad or such, making an edit, then closing it and opening it in Sublime again).

Presuming that’s not an issue, it’s fairly simple to save and restore that kind of thing; there are events that trigger when a file opens and closes.

The bigger issue is the selection of colors though.



Is it the selection of the color that is hard? Would it be easier if it just pulled hex color codes from a list ?



The issue is that plugins can only mark up text with colors that appear in your color scheme. So, the options are limited to something like defining a large number of colors up front in your color scheme to draw from, or having the plugin modify the contents of the color scheme on the fly to add in new colors (which is a bit invasive and not generally recommended).



So I need to have a color scheme that has a bunch of colors up front? Should I put all this information in one clear concise new post in this forum?



Indeed; presuming you want to have control of the colors used. There are ish colors that you can used (orangish, bluish, redish etc) that Sublime calculates on the fly based on the color scheme you’re using, but for anything other than that you need to define the colors you want.

I think the information here is probably enough to give someone the idea of what it is that you want; a new post is probably not needed (though if you want you could edit your initial post to include the details, perhaps)



Thanks so much @OdatNurd