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What keyboard do you use?


I guess I’m the complete odd one out here - my keyboard doesn’t have any bells and whistles (I’ve never tried those fancy cherry MX switches to know the difference…)

Instead, I use one that is fully washable and protects from germs because no matter how careful I am to wash my hands before going near my PC, the keyboard always seems to get a bit dirty. (I blame the other people that sit at my computer occasionally…) So, without further ado, introducing the Silver Seal Antimicrobial Washable Keyboard :tm::



It’s funny, because yesterday I looked down at my computer keyboard and mouse and went “gross”, so I literally took it home this weekend to clean it. So I can appreciate this keyboard as well :thumbsup:.

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People take their keyboards from work to their homes?

Do any of you bring your own keyboard to work?



That’s why I took mine home, it’s my own keyboard. It goes with me if I go.



Thanks I hope so too :slight_smile:

What made you feel like you couldn’t use it anymore when you switched to Sublime?



It was just much easier to have proper pg up/down and arrow keys than the combo’s on the HHKB. Plus a WASD is the only keyboard for Mac I have found that handles media keys (volume/play/stop) and switching ctrl and caps etc purely with dip switches rather than requiring Karabiner. Oh they never have an issue waking an osx machine from sleep either, which was often a problem on the HHKB, Topre and KUL keyboards I have had.
Still miss the feel of the HHKB though![quote=“devcarlos, post:25, topic:32735, full:true”]
Thanks I hope so too :slight_smile:

What made you feel like you couldn’t use it anymore when you switched to Sublime?



That’s interesting, I do hope I don’t have any issues regarding changing the volume with the keyboard because that would suck.

As for navigation i’ve never used the pg up/down keys I always used a mouse or h,j,k,l in Sublime, but since i’ve found out about Karabiner I now use them in everything, far better than any paid app i’ve come across.

I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on with it after a week or two of using it :slight_smile: i’m hoping it’ll be here in a weeks time at the very latest.



I used to have a full size 104 keyboard, but for the last year i’ve been using a CM storm rapid-i (TKL) with cherryMX browns, and i must say i’ve been thoroughly satisfied working on it for longer periods of time.

I didn’t believe it at first either, and it took me about a week to start noticing the difference but it seems like there really is something to the theory that larger keyboards are a root cause of bad posture.

Typically (keyboard left, mouse right) either it means you have to sit off center with your keyboard moving everything over to the left, or you have to over extend your arm on the right to get proper movement from your mouse.

I have pretty broad shoulders myself and a fairly wide reach, but even so i was surprised the difference the new keyboard + vim made in reducing fatigue. That said perhaps if you could avoid using your mouse altogether (ala Vim) it wouldn’t be as much of a problem.


  • Solid build quality (heavy and a premium feel) also i spilt coffee on it twice, cleaned it with Isopropyl and after about an hour, back in action.

  • Good balance of features i.e. rubber feet, onboard backlight options, white backplate improves the intensity and aesthetic of the backlight.


  • Heavy backplate combined with soldered key switches can make it finicky to clean, i use paint brushes and a data-vac to get all the dust and hairs out but it still takes a fair amount of time.

  • it uses micro-USB, not really a fan of that…



I always bring my own keyboard and mouse.



Must resist the urge to refresh the tracking link 5000 times a day…

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I have two Code keyboards ( 87 keys, clear switches and love them.

I’ve also ordered the Freestyle Edge - it’s marketed as a ‘gaming’ keyboard but i think with it’s programmable keys it will be the ultimate coding keyboard - we’ll see (



That Kinesis keyboard is pretty slick. I’d want to put my fingers onto it though before buying. It might not end up being nearly as comfortable as my brain suggests it is.



I actually have a Kinesis that I bought when I was having some weird nerve stuff. For me, I never really could get into it, but some people love it. Mine just collects dust now.



Inspired by all you keyboard freaks I brought my workhorse to work today :stuck_out_tongue:,0.5,0,0&iccEmbed=0&layer=comp&.v=-_ykn1

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If your job is typing all day, it’s best to type on what you are happiest on. I could have requested my job to buy me a keyboard, but I figured if I ever change jobs, I just take mine with me and can instantly be using what I’m happiest on.



Huge HHKB fan here. It cost a lot, but I’ve been using it for a few years already and it’s just a wonderful piece of hardware to work on. The Topre switches have a fantastic feel, and I like them a lot more than the Cherry switches I had on my previous mechanical keyboard. It also comes with very high-quality thick keycaps made of durable PBT plastic. (Pro-tip, pop 'em off once in a while and soak them in denture cleaner to get them clean, works like a charm).

I’m more of a writer than a programmer, but I find the compact layout quite good to use. The arrow keys and the FN layer in general take some getting used to, of course – but now that I’m accustomed to using FN+[ ; ’ / as the arrow keys, regular keyboards’ arrow keys feel too far away. I even use ALT (SHIFT) + the FN arrow keys to move/select back and forward a word at a time and it all feels very natural and lightning fast.



I love my Logitech K810 keyboard.

And if I need to bring it somewhere it fits nicely in the bag. Plus that it handles up to three bluetooth devices. Meaning that if I have to write a sms message on my phone, I just press the key-combo for it to switch connection to the phone and do all the writing using a real keyboard. And then do a quick key-combo back to my computer.

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I agree with ThomSmith: Unicomp Buckling Spring with function keys on the left (very handy). More than eight years and perfectly working with my Mac…



anyone tempted by this?



Have to try a keyboard like that before paying that kind of money. It’s something you could love or hate.