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What keyboard do you use?


I’m using the standard wireless apple keyboard but toying with the idea of buying HHKB Pro2 as i’m a MacOS user and a massive fan of the vim way of doing things, especially using h,j,k,l for navigation, I just recently installed Karabiner and now have that option system wide, I have even remapped my caps lock key to control which is definitely more convenient.

I also love the thought of having a mechanical keyboard again and listening to that satisfying clicking sound.

By time I got to here it’s decided, next month i’m ordering it.

What keyboard do you use?



I’m using Razer Black Widow X Tournament Edition. Absolutely loving it :heart_eyes: It’s the best keyboard I’ve used.



I was actually looking at that exact model before.

If i remember right someone was selling one of those quite cheap somewhere, might grab it while I save for the other and who knows I might actually end up sticking with it :slight_smile:



At work I use a Microsoft Natural (the split keyboard one). I had one of the newer black ones, but it died, so I’m back to the white one. Still a very solid and comfortable keyboard for me at least. I know not everyone likes that style.

At home I had been using a Razer Blackwidow (Cherry Blue switches) but started to get some weird doublestrikes on keys. It’d been cleaned and everything, I just think maybe I’d abused it for too long. I switched to a Corsair K70 with Cherry Brown (less click, same travel force) and realllly like that one. Wish I switched sooner.

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I use Das Keyboard (with no letters - blank keys), but the slightly quieter version. I think it’s the Cherry brown keys?



I wasn’t even aware that there were preferences out there when it comes to mechanical keyboards until yesterday when I was looking for a new one, I couldn’t tell you the difference between Cherry Brown or Cherry Blue.

I’ve found samples on eBay which has each switch, maybe I should buy that before I commit to such an expensive purchase.



I mainly do brown to not upset my office neighbors, but they still feel great next to spongy feeling keyboards that come standard with computers.



I think i’ll probably go with brown as i’m definitely after the mechanical feel but don’t want it too loud where it’s distracting me, especially since i’m used to a relatively quiet keyboard.



Unicomp buckling-spring keyboard — the descendant of the original IBM Model M. Cherry switches are leaps and bounds better than rubber membranes, but I’ve yet to type on one that can compete with the classic. It blows my mind that they’re still in production, they’re half the price of a fancy “gaming” mechanical keyboard, and yet they’re all but ignored. Surely Unicomp could hire an industrial designer and produce a gamer-oriented model with blue LEDs, edgy lettering, and a few macro keys and sell it for $200 or more.

The downside is that the keyboard is loud, even by the standards of modern mechanical keyboards.



Yeah, it’s the loudness that turns me off, no matter how amazing they may be. I want to still have friends when I’m done getting my work pushed out :slight_smile:.

Okay, that’s not the only reason. I’m a sucker for aesthetics as well. Being that the keyboard is the equivalent of my instrument that I use everyday…I kinda want it to look cool too. Okay, I said it, there!

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Couldn’t of said it better myself, it doesn’t matter how good a keyboard is, if it isn’t aesthetically pleasing I can’t use it.



My current go-to keyboard is the Filco Majestouch 2 with Cherry Brown switches:

I was actually aiming more for the Ninja version, but the place I bought it was out of stock and it was a semi-emergency due to a coffee related keyboard accident, so it’s still possible for the general masses to this machine. :wink:

I’ve also been sorely tempted for a while to replace the windows keys with versions that have the Sublime logo on it instead.



Coolermaster MasterKeys PBT S. Tenkeyless and compact, love the pbt material and overall looks and finishing of the thing. Brown switches. Also no driver software, all config happens on the keyboard itself.

A colleage has the Code keyboard, and it’s nicer with the backlight (although I never miss that), and dip switches are a bit nicer for config, but it’s twice as expensive over here.



I wish I wasn’t so impatient :grin: just ordered the HHKB Pro 2



Das Keyboard 4 MX Cherry Blue (UK Layout). It was given to me as present from a friend last Christmas. Keys are loud. Friend tells me they don’t allow MX switches in his office. I certainly couldn’t go back to a spongy keyboard. You don’t realise how bad they are until you until you use mx switches for while.



Yup. I didn’t know how bad keyboards were until I used a good one. I was mainly getting it because I like the blank keys (made me a much better typist…and the look). It’s ruined any other keyboard for me. Mine is also the 4.



IMHO the ‘mechanical switch’ resurgence in recent years has been a bit of a meme. Don’t rate them that much personally.



An IBM Model M. 30 years old and counting. The key caps and the plastic frame go to the dishwasher from time to time. Loud indeed. But a pleasure to use.

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coolermaster trigger-z with backlit cherry brown switches

very comfortable slightly rubbery palm rest, a few extra macro keys on left - i assign these to launching or switching to software - eg M5 opens the terminal, or focuses it if already running

best keyboard i’ve ever had in 30 years - recommended if you can find one - about £120



I think you will love it. Loved mine when I used Vim a lot. Went back to a WASD when I couldn’t live without Sublime though.