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Unfold diff


It would be very good to have a possibility to unfold unchanged sections of a diff. For example, in Gitlab there is a button on each fold that says “show unchanged lines”. This would be a good compliment to the currently implemented “push up”/“push down” mouse actions.

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“push up”/“push down” is this?

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Yes, exactly. My proposal is to have an option to show all lines above until the next diff or file start. (Likewise in downward direction.) Maybe by double-clicking on the fold? This is at least something I have tried.



Just noted that this request is related to Is it possible to collapse or expand the diff?. It is not asking for the same thing to my understanding.



Hi @fdr,

Thanks for sharing this feedback!
For the meantime, you can currently double click on the edges of the context to expand it.

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- Dylan



Cool, I didn’t know about this! It is nearly what I was thinking about.



Interesting, looks like you have implemented the push up push down as jfcherng shows in his gif.

It would be nice if there was a fold button / arrow as well (as there is in that gif) to expand the entire region for quickly showing the region.
Showing some indicator that you can push up / push down would also help with feature discovery, it took me locating this post to discover how I might see what was inside the unchanged portion. Perhaps when you mouse over and your cursor changes make the divider become a transparent gradient showing the text above and have some kind of indicator that you can drag it up.

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@ianhd, here is a related enhancement request:



This resolved now, see linked github issue.