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UI rendering balck squares


I’m getting some black squares rendering when using Sublime Text Build 3210 on Windows x64. This seems to often happen when I’m using ConEmu (in quake mode) and I pull down the console. When I hide it again there are black artifacts that have appeared in Sublime text.

They can be removed by triggering a re-paint of the area (by mouse move over the scroll for examples, expanding a folder in the folder list). These are quite annoying and sometimes difficult to get rid of, as they vary in size sometimes I can’t see a folder to expand/collapse to repaint.



Seems like @inossidabile had a similar issue (Windows 10 rendering issue) . The only difference is that he is using build 3211 not 3210. Try turning off the sliding animation.



Yes, it’s exactly same. Set animation time to 0 in ConEmu as a temporary workaround.

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Thanks, I’m giving that a try. Turning off the sliding animation didn’t work for me because ConEmu started appearing on the wrong monitor at that point (ConEmu bug?).