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Tabs jump around after startup


A few seconds after Sublime starts up (window and all editors restores) every open tab/editor briefly becomes active from right-to-left. I’m pretty sure this happens after all plugins are finally loaded. If there plugins aren’t immediately ready to use, fine. But the tab switching is really annoying. It’s ugly, messes up what I’m typing, and closes panels like Goto Anything. Frankly, I’d be happoer if the whole UI would be empty until it was really–really–done starting up.

This doesn’t happen on a fresh (or portable) Sublime install, so I assumes it’s either the number of plugins I have, or some specific plugins are triggering this. Is there anyway to track down a slow plugin if just one is causing the problem?

This is not a new problem.



This issue is most likely triggered by SynctedSideBar package.

You can disable it by creating a SyncedSideBar.sublime-settings in your user package and add "reveal-all-tabs": false to it.

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Aswesome. Yup, that was it. (Why did I wait so long to ask?)

And thanks for point out that setting, which works around the annoyance, but still lets me use the Sidebar: Reveal File command. Maybe I need to find a key-binding or new plugin that only does that command.


ST3 cycles through opened tabs automatically on startup