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Tab multi select versus Layout/Groups (with Origami) ... discuss?


Talking about tab multi select, I’ve just not found it compelling enough to pick it up (see also this similar post).

Thought a discussion around it might be interesting …

I’m a happy user of the origami package with my own custom keybindings that work well for me, so maybe tab-multi-select just doesn’t add much for me or I’m just not getting it. Thoughts or tips?

One thing that appears not to work for me is that I find the multi-tab view sort of disappearing or collapses whenever I try to do something like Goto Symbol. For instance, an obviously useful feature is to have two views of the same file but at different locations. But the moment you try to navigate with Goto Symbol the two views collapse into a single view with two tabs/buffers of the same file open next to each other.

This basically kills the usefulness for me. Maybe it’s a bug?
Curiously, Goto symbol in project doesn’t have the same problem for me … ?!

I’m trying to use the feature more as it seems like a nice free flowing builtin alternative to origami, but, like I said, the I’m not sure how I’m supposed to navigate the individual tabs.

It feels like I’m not supposed to, but instead I’m supposed instantiate a new tab at a specific location using a Definition link … which I get … but then I can’t navigate around the primary view to multiple locations with Goto Symbol while keeping the “definition” tab open … which I don’t get.