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Can anyone update us on the status of Sublimerge (3? Pro?). Their site does not seem to work at all. I am curious to learn some shortcuts, for example, how to update one or the other (left/right) file that are compared side by side.



Comparing two files and targeted merging of specific changes

I think the developer gave it up, unfortunately. The only left resources could be:*/ and evtually
and everything a search engine spits out.

Ah, just see that @bf1986 had an account here, too.

Or ask him here:

So, enough stalking :wink:



Im sorry but I closed the project.


Many thanks go to those who created cracks and Sublime Text team itself, who created SublimeMerge. Because of that two reasons it stopped earning for itself and finally I was no longer even able to pay for the server.




Thanks for your statement. It does not sound like you’d be interested in releasing the source code, right? I personally never used your package but I know others did, would be a pity if your work was simply lost forever. But that’s your decision of course. All the best to you!



It’s lost due to the facts I provided, so no, I will not. Sorry



This is sad, indeed. However, I wouldn’t say that Sublimerge and SublimeMerge are the same kind of tool. I could be wrong, though.

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They’re not the same. First, Sublimerge was a plug-in for ST itself so it was working in its context. Second, Sublimerge was created first and had thousands of users.

SublimeMerge (what a similar name, isn’t it?), however, is a standalone tool and have been created much later but implementing similar functionality.

Still, the main reason for me to shutdown the project were cracks allowing the user to have it working without purchasing a license. SublimeMerge just took away some users from Sublimerge. Those two reasons together resulted in great drop in sales and finally I couldn’t even pay for the server, and as I don’t have money for it, I had to close the project.