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SublimeMerge is crashed when I'm typeing Japanese text


After updating to 2025, SublimeMerge is crashed when I’m typing Japanese text on comment area.
But typing alphabetical text was OK. SM has the issue with IME control?


How can I temporarily stop version up notificaition?

What platform are you on? Does it crash typing a specific sequence of Japanese characters or pretty much anything? If you’re able to make it crash with a specific sequence could you describe how to reproduce that?



Thank you for your reply. Yes. I made the video below for this issue.

・Sublime Merge Build 2027

I have never faced this issue before updating on Build 2027.
Please confirm this video and I hope the issue will be resolved in the near future.

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I can’t reproduce the crash by randomly typing with the Japanese IME. We’ve made an attempt at fixing the crash but it’s unclear if that has broken any behaviour. Could you perhaps provide a specific input sequence that causes a crash?



Hello Thanks for your reply again.

I’m using ATOK for inputting Japanese. The issue is happend during converting Alphabetical text to Japanese text. It might be cause. Could you investigate it?

I wonder why this SM version has this issue… A lot of Japanese are using this IME system now. I hope the issue will be solved.


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I have same issue. An input sequence causes crash is

  1. Enable Microsoft IME in commit message
  2. Type a
  3. Type space
  4. Type a => crash

My environment is

  • Windows 10 Pro 1909
  • Sublime Merge Build 2027

I hope this helps devs.

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That does not produce a crash on my end: Peek%202020-07-31%2012-09



I have updated Windows 10 to 2004 then that crash disappeared.



My PC is already Windows Pro 2004. But It’s still happened now. I’m in trouble…
When I typed and converted multiple alphabet to Japanese text, Absolutely It was happened.
I’m using Sublime Merge for a long time, I never faced this issue before SM was updated above of version 2025.



It seems only working with Microsoft IME. I tried Google IME and skkfep(i’m using) and these give crash.
Here are some input sequences cause crash:

  1. Enable Google IME
  2. a
  3. space
  4. a => crash


  1. Enable skkfep hiragana mode
  2. shift + a (あ)
  3. i (い)
  4. space (愛)
  5. n => crash

Environment is

  • Windows 10 Pro 2004
  • Sublime Merge Dev Channel, Build 2026