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How can I temporarily stop version up notificaition?


How can I temporarily stop version up notification?

I plan to move to older version of sublime merge. because I can not type Japanese text on the commit message area smoothly now. Until before version 2025, it was working. Maybe cause is the related this this issue below.

I’m going to wait for resolved version but I can not type text now. So I plan to go back older version temporarily. However, sublime merge always notices to update new version every start. How can I stop this notification?

Of course I hope original issue is solved as soon as possible, but I have to use the software everyday. Please tell me how to stop the version up notification.



Not sure whether "update_check": false, works for registered SM or not. It works for registered ST.

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I have tried it now. It’s working!!! I appreciate to share your knowledge!
I can type Japanese text for a while. I hope SM will be resolved the original issue…



Is this issue similar to what you’re experiencing? If not, it may be a good idea to create a new bug report detailing your issues.



Thanks for your reply. Probably my issue is similar to the issue. I can not type consecutive Japanese text on the commit message area after updating 2025. I tried some predictive solution but it was not working. Also I already create this topic on the forum before but I was not able to receive the good answer clearly. I think multi byte language user might have similar issue now. I hope it will be resolved in the near future.



Hi ichiro,

Thank you for your patience while we investigate this issue.

This issue should be resolved in development build 2034.
If you are on the development channel, could you confirm it has been resolved on your end?
If not, this fix will be available in the next stable build.

- Dylan