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Sublime Text app for iPhone!


Hi, we really need this awesome SublimeTextApp in our iPhones, iPads and oher mobile devices! With basic set of plugins and
with the ability to synchronize files between devices! :ok_hand:



The issue of file synchronization should really be the responsibility of the OS/user. Apart from that I agree it would be nice to have a version of ST on the iPad. Because Apple is playing evil and doesn’t want to issue an all-in-one device that’s both laptop and touchscreen and that runs OSX, the iPad is the closest we get.

Having ST on the iPhone makes less sense to me, because the iPhone keyboard is too limited. (And you only have two thumbs, so many keyboard combinations are precluded.)

But anyway… given the difficulty of porting apps from OSX to iOS and the limited resources of the ST team, even the iPad port will probably never happen.

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Thanks :sleepy:



I recon there’s a fair number of innovations available in the mobile space for a text editor, but a touch screen has very different user interface requirements to a keyboard + mouse desktop app. A simple port of Sublime Text to mobile platforms would IMO be a pretty bad user experience. I’m also not sure whether plugin support is possible, given Apple’s restrictions for iOS.

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Hi There,
Please don’t take it otherwise, but can you please let me know what is your use case wherein you would like to develop an app from your phone? Please dont get me wrong, I just want to understand the use case as I have seen a lot of development related apps providing apps for mobile world and I am left wondering , why ?

Thanks for all of your time and patience.



In my case, I am a trainer and a math teacher.

I can compile and run simple (without boost poco and so on libs) C and C++ programs on ipad.
I can run simple python and most python for applied mathematics programs on ipad.
I would be able to prepare all my slides exercices and solutions on my macbook pro at home.

Then just take my ipad with me for the effective courses and lessons with the possibility to modify and run everything from the ipad would be perfect for me. Or just verify some source code for instance.

I have to say that I don’t usually need the heavy macbook pro during the class.

And use the available windows machine is very disturbing for me. I hate Windows operating systems.

This is just my use case. Perhaps others see their own benefit.

Good bye.



Sounds like an interesting idea… but I think it’s not really worth it without community plugins and like Benjamin said, it may not be very easy on iPhone…