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Sublimetext for ipad


I think, it would be cool to code with sublimetext on any ipad.
I’ve an ipad and i’am just looking for a great code editor with preview function for my tablet.



Here’s another discussion on this topic where I explain why I don’t think this makes sense for Sublime Text Sublime Text app for iPhone!



Apologies for bringing an older topic back to life but I think @bschaaf may be making wide assumptions on this other post and also not owning and using an iPad you won’t be aware of the changes apple has made to the iPad line.

iPad Pro has a keyboard and touchpad it works excellently for word processing and drawing, if you invest in an apple pen. Having a version of sublime and a FTP app (there are some available) would be a godsend for the device. Sublime text is one of the best featured apps for web development purposes and having this on an iPad with a proper keyboard and touchpad would be a game changer for my workflow personally.




Tried several apps on iPad Pro for webdesign, image editing and vector design and I can assure you that is much easier on a powerful laptop with a 4k 17 inch screen or even desktop. My favoriete device for coding is a iMac 5k 27 inch. When dealing with huge amounts of code its unworkable on a tiny iPad Pro! Just my personal opinion based on years of experience. So I even moved the Affinity apps that work on iPad to my Mac (with a new Mac license) and never looked back.



Everything I’ve said in the iPhone thread still holds today. Sublime Text is not a usable interface for a mobile phone whatsoever. I have it running on my PinePhone and it’s an awful experience without a bigger screen and a keyboard/mouse plugged in. Tiny screens with only touch input simply require a different UI to desktops/laptops.

For tablets it’s a bit of a different story. For the iPad specifically the Apple Tax, App Store restrictions and general iOS limitations make it an incredibly unappealing platform to develop for.