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Sublime Text and Sublime Merge show blank windows


I just opened Sublime Text, only to find a completely blank window (pictured to the right). I can’t seem to get it to work. Here’s what I’ve tried:

  • Removing theme and color scheme preferences
  • Removing all preferences
  • Trying a different build — both Dev and Stable builds show this problem

Sublime Merge also exhibits the same behavior too. Any suggestions on what to do?



I’m seeing this in build 3174 and 3175, then also when going back to May’s 3173.


Dev Build 3180

It’s definitely an issue with the beta. On a fresh user account, the current stable build works correctly and the beta is blank.



Ok, it seems to be an issue with the Adaptive theme. Setting the theme to Adaptive will cause the issue to arise in the stable and the dev build, and the issue is always present in the dev build.



I’m having the same issue, but for me it only started once I updated Mojave to the latest beta (10.14.1 Beta (18B67a))



This appears to be a bug in the 10.14.1 beta. Please report it to Apple so it doesn’t ship in 10.14.1.

Originally I thought it was 10.14.1 plus OpenGL, but with further reports it appears as if it is only affecting the Adaptive theme. This makes me think it is likely the NSFullSizeContentViewWindowMask combined with NSOpenGLView. Either way, it appears to work properly in 10.14.0, so it seems to be a regression in 10.14.1.

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As OpenGL and OpenCL are deprecated in Mojave, I doubt they will put any effort into that API?




It was functional in 10.14.0, so it would seem odd to break it in a minor release. Either way, the more people that complain of the break the more likely they are to fix the regression.



Or vise versa strategy: Apple breaks small OpenGL related things which makes people complain at application level to push developers towards the new API.

Apple encourages games and “graphics-intensive apps” built with OpenGL to adopt Metal ahead of Mojave’s launch


Is just a feeling/concern after hearing a lot of heavy discussions in the gaming world about that topic recently even though I don’t use macOS at all.



It helps nobody to spread FUD.



The issue should be addressed in macOS Mojave 10.14.1 beta 5, out today (23 Oct 2018). I no longer see a blank screen in Build 3180 after removing the GPU flag from preferences and returning it to the default.

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I was excited to update Sublime Merge for May 26, 2020 however now I get a blank / empty window. All menu items are grayed out too. I’m running Debian 10.



This would seem to be a different issue, since you are running Linux. I would definitely post at Try to include as much info as you can. Did you happen to enable the hardware_acceleration setting?