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Dev Build 3180


Dev Build 3180 is out now at, addressing a few minor regressions.



Since this update, i can’t execute it anymore in my companies machines. Unfortunately the glibc library version is too old.
With Version 3176 everything worked fine…
I have no root access on this machines, so i have no chance here…

I get following error message:
sublime_text: /lib/ version 'GLIBC_2.15' not found

The command ldd --version shows me:
ldd (GNU libc) 2.11.3

Either a static linked version or a compiled version with the older libraries would solve this for me.



Updating to this version makes my GPU burn with 100% usage.
MBP Late 2013 with NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M, OSX Mojave latest.



Yeah, I’ve got GLIB 2.12 and it looks like as of 3179 that version is also no longer supported.

Can dev team confirm? There was no deprecation message in the release notes.

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I think it’s because they changed their build environment as mentioned in this thread: Dev Build 3178

3178 is the first version of Sublime Text built via cross compilation, where it’s now built via clang on all platforms.

@jps Is there any chance, that we could solve this issue without a required upgrade of your linux distributions?



Found a problem with this Dev Build on my system. Not sure when this started, could have happened on previous one.

If I press “Shift + Page Down” the first page of text is selected and the page moves up as expected.
If I press again the second page is selected but the page jumps back to the beginning.
Another press and the pages jumps down and another page is selected.
This pattern continues for every key press until you reach the bottom of the file.
So if we list the page you end up on it would go 1-2-1-4-1-6-1-8, etc.

Hope that is clear as quite hard to explain.
Anybody else seen this or perhaps it is some peculiarity in my setup?

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someone else has seen that behavior:



Oh thank you!
I did do a search but came up empty. At least it’s a known problem and will presumably get fixed.



@adi, @kingkeith

I also have shift+pageup/down view jumping problem with ST 3180 (Linux). No idea if the bug was present in 3179 or not - I only noticed the bug today.

Note: It is also present with a clean ST profile so it is not plugin related.

EDIT: The bug is definitely present in 3179 as well; v. annoying I’ve reverted to 3176.

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@jps: The fix for the flickering popups/autocompletions on Windows was not yet ported from SM to ST, was it?



I have the same problem on linux mint 17.2, sometimes the cpu reaches 100% for several minutes without any apparent reason



Installing this build caused this issue on my machine: Sublime Text and Sublime Merge show blank windows