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Sublime Text 4 - Coming Soon

  1. Do we have a timeline?

  2. What about the license, if I have or just purchased ST3, do I need to buy new one for ST4.


  1. No timeline is given by the developers.
  2. If you have a ST3 license, then you can use that happily for ST4 as well. Depending on when it was purchased, there may or may not be an upgrade fee (Nothing has been told about that yet).


that mean one should wait for the release. cause From FAQ:

  • Upgrade Policy (Personal License)
    A license is valid for Sublime Text 3, and includes all point updates, as well as access to prior versions (e.g., Sublime Text 2). Future major versions, such as Sublime Text 4, will be a paid upgrade.If you have a license from 2012 or earlier, you can upgrade to a Sublime Text 3 license at a discounted rate.


The Sales FAQ Linked from the Buy Page for Sublime Text says:

Personal licenses come with 3 years of updates. After 3 years, you’ll be able to continue to use the last version of Sublime Merge released within 3 years of purchase (in other words, licenses do not expire). Any versions released 3 years or more after the purchase date will require a paid upgrade to use.

Back in 2019, the license scheme for Sublime Text was changed to mirror that of Merge, which has no version numbers (and Sublime Text won’t either; we’re just all calling it Sublime Text 4 to avoid confusion).

Despite the apparent typo in the page mentioning Merge, licenses for Text are good for 3 years of updates. As such, any potential upgrade fee (which inded has not been announced) would presumably only be assessed on people that have licenses older than 3 years.



How to join the beta testing? (The version 4)



If you have a ST3 license, you can join the discord and download ST4 from there. As a development build, it’s currently only available to licensed users.

There’s a link to join the discord in the pinned forum topic on Resources and Bug Tracking.



Hop over to the Discord server: Sublime Text Discord Server. And then go to announcements. This is assuming you have a valid license. If not, add purchase a valid license to the steps :upside_down_face:.



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I’m a Ninja like that! :grin:

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Hey @wbond,

This is absolutely amazing!! I have been super looking forward to using the latest and greatest to of my fav editor sublime text. Lol First paycheck I got I used it to buy sublime text.

What is the story behind the python version bundled with sublime? I know currently you guys bundled python 3.8 but in sublime text 4 has there been improvements to make it easier for you guys to update that bundle as new python versions come along.

For example python 3.10 has a lot of interesting features most especially the more friendlier exception messages and would probably improve the plugin development experience.

There is also the asyncio features of python from 3.6 and up, would sublime text 4 support that in the bundle it ships out?

Thanks again for all the work.



For now 3.8 is the latest version we plan to ship, as 3.9 drops certain operating system versions. asyncio works, but the plugin system does not currently make use of it.

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So @bschaaf it should be easier now to update the version of python bundled in sublime text 4 moving forward?



Easier for us, yes. Though it’s unclear when or of we’ll add a newer version any time soon.



There are thousands of packages out in the wild using python3.3 Only 0.000001% of them have been prepared to use python 3.8 so far as no one seems interested in. So getting rid of py33 in a reasonable time seems illusionary. Python 3.8 is a huge step forward and up to this point more than enough needed to create good packages. I guess it will take another 10 years for python to evolve ot a point new features make sense for developing plugins. Most of the new stuff is just some syntactical sugar. Not to forget each python version seems to become more and more bloated with libraries noone needs.



Who’s stoked?



It’s coming today or tomorrow



For those who haven’t seen it, it has been release:



Congratulations to the Sublime team on the release of ST4!

I’ve been using the beta for a bit now, and it’s been a great experience.
I’ve already purchased my license upgrade!

Thanks for making such an awesome and powerful piece of software, along with Sublime Merge (which I bought a little while ago)…

Quick question though, while I won’t run into this for 3 years, is there a way to sync my Text and Merge licenses so I can just renew them both at the same time? (is this cheaper as a bundle? it looked a bit cheaper when I saw the option on the upgrade page).




"The side bar, tab bar, Goto Anything, Goto Definition, auto complete and more have all been tweaked to make code navigation easier and more intuitive than ever. "

Can you move the side bar to the right? :slight_smile: That’s the only improvement I’ve needed since like v2. :slight_smile:

That said I’ll be upgrading soon! Congrats on new release! :slight_smile:



Jon mentioned in the discord

the 3 years will begin from the purchase date of the bundled license, the system isn’t smart enough to do any sort of pro-rata incorporating remaining time on the upgraded-from license key(edited)

but the bundle price isn’t discounted, and will remain at the current price in the future

when your SM license is >3 years old, you’ll be able to upgrade it, and bundle ST with it at that point if desired

The general idea being that in essence they’re always synced when you bundle because you start a “fresh” 3 year license period when you do it.