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Sublime text 3 typing delay..unexpectedly..on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


please someone help!!!
I am on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. It was working fine till now.
Since few days sublime text 3 is being tooo much laggy. I can’t just normally. Words appears a few seconds later after I type.
Also there is not any problem in my system as everything else is running smoothly and fine.
This is just unexpected.
Also I updated to newest version in hope to help but to no avail. So please suggest any solution.



I have this problem too, on macOS Sierra. Sublime Text 3 is becoming Atom.

Everybody spoke Atom is very slow and Sublime Text is very quick. Now I am deluded.

Now I am using Syntra Small, which never gets slow in CSS files.

While I write a HTML or PHP file in Atom or Sublime Text, while I write a CSS file in Syntra Small.



Is this issue resolved? I’m also facing same issue for same OS.



Perhaps your problem is related to this issue. Try downgrading to confirm.