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Build 3208 performance regression



  • macOS Mojave 10.14.4
  • 5k LG monitor mirroring 15 inch MBP monitor
    (I don’t look at MBP screen, so it’s darkened all the way)
  • Late 2016 MBP, 2.9Ghz, 16GB, Intel HD 530 + Radeon Pro 460

As soon as I updated from 3206 to 3208 today, the rendering started lagging badly. Moving the cursor around the file view became slow and jerky. Changing gpu view rendering setting between true and false (and restarting each time) didn’t make a difference.

I downgraded back to 3206, and the fast/smooth movement came right back.

Just a heads up, seems like the OpenGL workaround has unintended consequences. :man_shrugging:


High CPU/GPU usage for certain projects

Same here… terrible lag peformance with 3208

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Unfortunately macOS 10.14.4 introduced a number of issues to the NSOpenGLView class, causing it to be extremely crash-prone and easily cause memory leaks. Because of this we’ve had to disable our usage of NSOpenGLView since most users will just assume the crashes are our fault.

The downside here is that NSOpenGLView is how we get nice smooth scrolling on 5K displays.

You options are:

  • Downgrade to macOS 10.14.3
  • Downgrage to Sublime Text 3207
  • Install macOS 10.14.5 Beta 2 (I personally am not going to recommend this since it may interrupt your workflow in other ways)
  • Deal with the lagginess until 10.14.5 is released


Thanks! Downgrading to 3207 fixed it for me. I’ll be stuck on this version for a while, until macOS 10.14.5 gets released at least.

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Is Apple interested in fixing OpenGL regressions? Last I remember, they were going to drop the API altogether.



I do believe they have deprecated OpenGL in favor of Metal, but breaking it on a bug fix release isn’t exactly their M.O. in terms of deprecation.

I would expect with a major release they would finally remove it. Until then, I think it is reasonable for their APIs to not be totally borked with crashes and massive memory leaks.



Agreed, and I definitely don’t fault you guys for it. I’m just mildly sceptical about Apple’s motivation to fix something that’s already on the chopping block.



Wowowowow. I wondered why my ST was so slow today, I thought it was a plugin I’ve got but I’ve tried 3207 and 3208, it’s clearly the update which breaks the performance of ST (due to macOS as you said yeah).

I’ll stay on 3207 too so. Thank you for the detail. :slight_smile:



@wbond Is there a way I can just… turn off the workaround? I didn’t experience any crashes previous to its introduction, and the lagginess is… very very oppressive.

Worth noting that I’m not on a 5k display. This is just a stock MacBook Pro.



To turn off the workaround, roll back to 3207 for now.



Yeah that’s what I did. I was hoping there would be a way I could do it without suspending updates.



Yeah I would like say I also had no crash trouble at all with 3207.

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Worth adding that prior to 3208 I also had no issues with OpenGL that I could tell, working in ST3 full time, always on.



I did a new homebrew formula for 3207 if needed:

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And I started to think I was crazy or all of a sudden a plugin started to block my editor.

Are there any plans to support Metal on the Mac?



How do I use this homebrew formula for 3207?
Does it persist my settings from my main sublime installation?



@slifin Click on “raw” button, download it and do

$ brew cask uninstall sublime-text-dev
$ brew cask install /path/of/the/sublime-text-dev.rb

It won’t remove your settings as they’re in /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3. You can back 'em up if you’re a bit afraid to lose them. :slight_smile:



macOS 10.14.5 is released and has reportedly fixed Alacritty’s OGL problem. Anyone want to give 3208 another shot? :wink:


Crash or Memory Leak on macOS Mojave 10.14.4?

Both 3207 and 3208 should work fine with 10.14.5, assuming that Apple fixed the OpenGL bugs.

The mitigations were targeted at 10.14.4 specifically, so they should not kick in with 10.14.5.



Just to confirm, after updating MacOS to 10.14.5 and switching back to build 3208 of ST3, the lag is no longer there. :+1: However, as per @wbond this is probably because mitigations are ignoring that MacOS version, and not necessarily because all OpenGL issues were fixed. One can hope. :crossed_fingers: