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It’s great but does not play nice with git worktree yet:

git worktree add ../worktree master
smerege ../worktree # => modal window with 'does not look like repository' message
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Thanks for app. Please add support for macOS tabs.




is there any chance to call this via commandline to diff two/three files which are not in any git repo? Would be awesome to use this as default merge / diff tool for my remaining svn instances.

btw: great work, will buy it later today :wink:

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Thank you very much, it seems to work fine for now.



Feels rather unfinished. The “Select Repository” dialog just has a text box which doesn’t seem to do anything - it’s not even clear what you should type in there (a path to a local repo? that does precisely nothing for me)

Also, repositories pulled with the repo tool don’t work properly (eg as used for Android AOSP). All the commit history is missing except for any local changes - all files just appear as staged changes instead. I guess it’s failing to correctly follow the symlinks for the git history which is stored in the top level .repo folder.

Can’t see myself rushing to buy this any time soon…

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The 3 way merge functionality isn’t usable outside of the context of a git repository. Technically you can write a script that creates a repository with just the 3 files you want to merge, but I think that’s taking it a bit far :slight_smile:



The Select Repository dialog is for opening a recent repository, you’ll want to use Open Repository from the File menu instead.



2 way merge would also help a lot

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This is great, thanks! Love the speed.

One thing I’m missing is seeing just the commits for one branch. Something like “branch:develop” on the search bar.

Another issue is it seems like the .gitignore is not being respected and I can see a bunch of untracked files that other git clients correctly don’t show.

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This! My current project requires me to keep up with 6 repos. I don’t want to manage 6 windows.



Due to the nature of my job and to some extent my class work, I need to work with a lot of repos.

One feature that seems to better on iOS (working copy) than most desktop clients is managing multiple repositories. Not just switching but getting a birds eye view of the status of all repos. How far ahead or behind, number of modified, etc…

In working copy, A swipe down and a fetch is performed on all repos. Another click and anything that can be merged is merged for all repos.

Sourcetree on OSX isn’t too bad at this but is painfully slow.

Do you think working with multiple repos is something we will be able to accomplish with the API?

Congrats on the new software. Loving the speed and command prompt

— Stephen



I’d really love for there to be emoji support for the commit messages, we use it to help us easily identify the type of commits we do. And for example having :fire: instead of :fire: ruins the ability to do so.

Thanks this software is amazing other than that for my needs.



Hi, this already looks really slick. Does it support GPG signing of commits and tags?



It would be wonderful if you can add support of git-worktree (at least parse “repos” with .git file which is pointing to the real .git folder.)

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There isn’t a config yet to scroll multiple lines at once per chance? I have it set to 3 in ST (default??), but it’s only 1 on SM

If you’re on windows 10 1803 (or US 1709), you can use Win+. or Win+; for emoji input
Mac is Ctrl+Cmd+Space
Linux is… well, you’d have to go looking, but emoji IBUS does exist



I have my global .gitconfig set up to do GPG signing and when I made a commit with Sublime Merge it popped up the dialog to sign and it worked without needing setup(it was already setup in .gitconfig)

I am on Windows 10(1803) btw :slight_smile:

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Any chance that you will implement some integration with Sublime Text? Would be assume to have a built-in way in ST3 to open SublimeMerge and/or communicate with it and vice-versa. Love the stuff you’re doing, keep up the good work!

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It’s in the pipeline according to Jon



I’m really interested in using sublime merge as my go to git client. For now I do have a question: Is it possible to view all changed files by folder or something similar? Lets say 40 files are changed, in this case, I might want to stage a folder and all files included at once?

Is that possible yet? If not, this would be a feature I would love to see! :smiley:

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Setting the git_binary preference doesn’t work for me in Windows 10. I use the command palette, browse to Preferences, select git_binary, and it shows null as the value. I try setting it to a full path to git.exe, press enter, and nothing happens. If I simply close the palette, the value is not saved.

Also, the window doesn’t remember its maximized status, which is mildly annoying on restart.