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Sublime Merge: Tabs please!


Just like Sublime Text, I’d love to see tabs available in Merge. I like to have one window open with multiple tabs (full screened) and then I use a key-command to quickly switch projects (Merge already has it, as Command+Shift+O).

Loving it though, very snappy. Looking forward to ditching SourceTree :innocent:



+1 here. Having multiple repositories within one “project” would be a nice time-saver. I typically have 3-7 related git repositories open, and constantly switching windows makes the process feel very busy.

Perhaps, same can be achieved by enhancing sidebar navigation, it’s just tabs is something which comes to mind first.



this is already planned:

Tabs. Tabs have been frequently requested by users working on several repositories at once. The Switch Repository functionality (under the File menu) helps with this, but tabs have their own benefits, so they’re on their way.



It has been six months since the roadmap blog post. Is there any news about tabs in sublime merge. I paid for a license and this is a very important feature to me. I frequently work with 2-4 git repositories at the same time. I understand you are busy and appreciate all the good work going into sublime text and sublime merge.



FWIW, native MacOS tabs work with SM and ST. In the menubar, go to Window… Merge all Windows, New/Next/Previous Tabs. You can also define keyboard shortcuts for these items through your system’s keyboard preferences.

Not ideal nor cross-platform, but workable if you’re on Mac.



Good to know. Unfortunately I don’t really use mac. I use mainly Linux with some windows.