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Sublime Merge: Tabs please!


Can you confirm that this solution is solely for MacOS users? I can’t seem to make it work on Windows…



MacOS is currently the only OS that this will work for, yes; more recent-ish versions of MacOS have the ability to combine multiple windows together into a single tabbed window at the OS level, and this setting enables Sublime Text (and Merge since they share a code base) to use that feature.

This is documented in the Sublime Text default preferences file, though as a Merge user there’s not a good path to knowing that this is the case, I think.

    // Mac only. Controls use of macOS tabs in 10.12 and newer. Each native tab
    // contains an entire project, thus allowing multiple projects in a single
    // window. Valid values are "system", "preferred" and "disabled".
    "native_tabs": "system",
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Anymore news about tabs (not Mac OS tabs) in Sublime Merge? It has been over a year since the roadmap promising tabs was published. Sublime Merge is really good, but having to have 3-5 windows open is kind of annoying.

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Unfortunately, you won’t have a decent response. Tabs seem like a distant promise. I’m using a third-party alternative (Groupy) for having tabs on Windows. It’s not perfect, but since I’ve paid for an SM license counting on native tabs support, it’s better than nothing at all.



Hi all,

Just following up on some of the comments here. Tabs are definitely a priority, as I know many of you are excited about using tabs. I’m looking forward to sharing some more updates with you all soon! :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
- Dylan



We’re very excited to announce that the latest development build of Sublime Merge has been released.
This release is packed with upgrades, including tab support.

Please note the nature of development builds (these upgrades will move to the stable channel soon), and feel free to post any bug reports or feature requests to:



Well, it’s a step in the right direction, but unfortunately it misses the mark with utilizing native tabs. Cannot leverage command+shift+arrow to navigate around, but kinda ok (for me) since I often use the quick switch (command+o). I suppose I can get used to it, but it’s a different experience from SublimeText. I suppose in that regard I should be worried about losing the (currently working/existing) native tab functionality in SublimeText. I love having multiple projects open in one fullscreened sublime text window (native os tabs) and then individual project files in sublime-tabs.

Thanks for the efforts here, I know a lot of people in the community will be happy! Any comments on native tabs vs sublime tabs?



This is awesome. I think the sublime tabs are great. this is just what I needed.



:+1: I like the new layout.

Took me a second to find the setting to restore always showing the commit graph (though it would be nice to be able leave it as a tab but also show the locations tab at the same time)




D’oh, totally missed that setting, thanks, exactly what I was missing!



Cannot leverage command+shift+arrow to navigate around

From my tests, text selection still works fine. How were you using those keys?



After a few days usage (and after finding the “Display Commit Graph => always”*) I am really happy with the new UI. Great job, really helpful! Again, thank you @djohnston and the SHQ team!
Waiting for this was definitely worth of it.

Things I already mentioned in discord as wishes/ideas here again for completeness:

  • Show number of changed files in brackets in Repo Tabs
  • Shorten Repo tab name (esp for submodules)
  • Jump from “Summary” to corresponding file tab
  • It would be cool if you could click on submodule-update commit and it’d jump to the corresponding commit in the submodule (in an open/new tab)
  • switch between (Project?) Tabs via Mouse forward/backward buttons

*) This really should be the default or at least denoted in the Changelog as I also noticed two coworkers and people in discord to miss it (as I did) and being a bit…sad about the UI

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After using the dev build for a few days now, I’d love to politely place a request to make the position of the commit message section configurable. I may eventually get used to it, but I very much enjoyed and prefer it being at the top, above the view that shows file/stash/working directory status.

Thanks again for all the hard work the team puts into this product! :slight_smile:

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I honestly don’t get why not more people are reporting this. Especially that viewing and editing commit messages happens at the top, but entering/amending happens at the bottom is just not good.



The devs explained that the issue is then the tab which would jump places.
I think it is something you get used quickly, and I even like that now the commit button is clearly separated from the push/pull.



Not sure which of the tabs you mean, but that just sounds like something else which could be fixed. I see what you’re saying about button separation but I’m not sure that’s a good thing, previsouly you had all those buttons (push/pull/commit/cancel/save/breadcrumb) somewhat grouped, always in a similar place top right, easy to remember and discover. Now coherency is lacking… Yeah if you use something long enough you get used to it but that doesn’t mean it’s good :wink: I just cannot classify the same piece of information which is user editable sometimes being at the top and sometimes at the bottom as proper UI design. And it’s not even configurable. I’ve bought SM after playing with it for like 5 minutes and always found it splendid software with only some minor flaws and most of them not UI-related, but this time: sorry, this sucks.

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Hi all,

Many thanks for all of the feedback you’ve given so far. We love to get the community involved, and as a result what you see in development builds is by no means final. You will see things moving around as we refine the designs, and incorporate user feedback. In the meantime, continue to share your feedback either here or on the issue tracker.

I’m looking forward to sharing more updates soon!



I must to say the new tabs feature in build 2000 is extremely awesome, thanks guys! I think this is a really killer feature :slight_smile:

From now on I can’t find any stronger reason to continue using slower alternatives such as sourcetree et al tbh.

Now, I wonder, isn’t possible to have both locations&commits tabs visible at the same time like in older releases?



Never mind… Preferences/General/Display Commit Graph/Always… awesome! Uninstalling sourcetree now… :wink:



Hi all,

Just a quick update:

We’ve loved getting everyones feedback on Sublime Merge Build 2000! Through your feedback, we’ve made a few changes which are now available in Build 2002. The relevant changes here are:

  • UI: Reworked Commit Dialog
  • UI: Added a preference to control the sidebar layout
  • UI: Added a preference to control the commit message position
  • UI: Updated repository-level tabs to use short titles

There are even more improvements which you can read about over at:

As always, we love hearing feedback from our community, which you can share with us on the issue tracker or here.

- Dylan