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Shortcut to switch between opened project folder tabs?


i open multiple project folders (cmd+O -> browse to a project folder), each with its own files, thus having both project folder tabs and source file tabs. The shortcut to shift between source file tabs is cmd+shift+square-bracket. What is it for project folder tabs?

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Keyboard shortcut for switching between fullscreen sublime projects, macOS

As I understand it, the turning of what would once have been separate windows into tabs on a tab-bar is a new macOS-level feature, so Sublime itself might not have awareness/control of it.

Related: System Preferences -> Dock -> Prefer tabs when…



if sublime is built on Cocoa then this should be a feasible request, right?



Good q - Sublime appears to be interfering with (or has yet to implement?) the macOS feature - this tab switching shortcut is ctrl + tab (Apple support doc), which works in other apps (maps, safari, iterm, chrome, whatever) but not sublime. Even when I assign the default keybinding (next_view_in_stack) to something else it still doesn’t work.

Could be missing something?

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My guess is Sublime should need to implement some delegate method from AppKit’s NSWindow that gives MacOS 10.12+ apps the ability to use tabs. I haven’t kept up with Cocoa for a while so maybe someone else can confirm.



I had hoped to switch between these tabs by switching between projects with Quick Switch Project, but that only shows projects that aren’t open. Is there a way to make it show open projects too?



as long as you have Sublime in FullScreen, you can do that, im trying to find out the shortcut to switch between them without using the mouse or clicking on it